Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wonders of technology

Well, it will be if it actually works.
I only just found out that in theory at least I can send this e-mail to the blog so this is just by way of 'testing'.
I've got the local radio on, listening to the football. We are 1-0 up at the moment, but I know we won't win because we always lose at Cheltenham. In our last two seasons at their place we have managed to throw away leads in injury time both times!
Arggh! Breaking live news! I do not believe it - we have just been given a penalty for the first time this year. Pause to cross fingers.....
Bloody hell! We are two nil up.
But then again a couple of years ago we were 3-1 up and lost 4-3 in injury time so with 7 minutes to go I am still unable to relax.
Let's see where this goes if I press 'send'


It is now Wednesday morning and I am in reflective mood. Two things happened last night one of which was so rare it had never actually happened before (we won at Cheltenham) and the other has happened before but not in living memory (we got a penalty). In the meantime I was doing two things one of which had never happened before (using e-mail to blog) and the other of which has happened before but not in living memory (I cleaned the oven). Does this mean that in order to help my team overcome the jink we now have about playing at home that I am going to have to stay at my home, e-mailing the blog and cleaning the oven? Can I make such a sacrifice?
There is a bloke follows the Cobblers who has allegedly only missed four games in 30 years. He sits near me. Unfortunately for him he suffers from a weak bladder and makes regular trips to the gents.....and when he is gone we score. He has missed SO many goals on account of nature having called. Not that we are superstitious or any such nonsense (Oh no! In my own case it is simply coincidental that my scarf only ever gets washed after I see us lose. My scarf is extraordinarily clean right now.) but when it looks like we will never score in a week of Sundays the chant goes up - "Jeema (for that is what he is called, though I have no idea if it is actually his name), Jeema, go for a slash - Jeema". I have noticed it doesn't work on demand though. Obviously he has to be called by nature and not urged on by fellow supporters with delusions for the goal to be achieved as it where.

I am ridiculous. I do apologise.

Anyhow, off to London this evening to see if Reidski is speaking to me yet after Saturday's glorious victory. He should be quite happy by now though as apparently Celtic are going to win the European Cup. (As my essay and exam questions always used to end -Discuss.)


Martin said...

I think you'll find that the rule is "clean oven if playing away at Cheltenham on a Tuesday in September".

That should do you for a couple of years I reckon.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Live blogging! okay, so I didn't get here till Wednesday, but wow!

Alan said...

I once put my shorts on back to front by accident while playing football and scored a goal, and then put my shorts on back to front deliberately for the next four games before eventually conceding that it wasn't going to happen again.

J.J said...

Excellent Martin - I love that rule and will stick with it rigidly.

Lisa, I would make a habit of it, but fear that would make this the most minority of minority blogs in the history of minority blogs.

Alan, it was worth a try :-)