Thursday, September 28, 2006

How did I ever manage without my George Foreman Grill?*

A report today says the British waste 2 BILLION pounds a year on electrical gadgets that they never use.

To quote from the report - Other white elephants include hand-held milk frothers, electric manicure kits, plastic bag sealing devices, massage chairs, foot spas and fondue sets, as well as devices to make yoghurt, waffles, popcorn, candy floss, smoothies and ice cream.

Now I admit to a dusty bread maker and a steamer which rarely sees the light of day but does anyone really own a plastic bag sealing device or a hand held milk frother? I suppose many of these items would have been Christmas presents. " An electric manicure kit. You shouldn't have." ("No, really. You shouldn't have") It reminds me of my father-in -law trying and failing to show pleasure when he unwrapped his 65th birthday present - a garden vacuum cleaner.

* Serious question. I love it!


Shooting Parrots said...

Oh dear, yes I do own a handheld milk frother. Actually it's for frothing coffee and it works pretty well. I just can't remember where I put it.

Anxious said...

I have an unsullied waffle maker, but most appliances are used regularly.

cookie monster said...

a garden vacumn cleaner????

J.J said...

SP - I suddenly realise I need one too!

Anxious, I can waffle perfectly well without resorting to an electrical appliance ;-)

Cookie, no garden should be without one of these ridiculous items.

Arthur Clewley said...

considering the amount of batteries that Mrs C buys it seems she had some electrical devices stashed away that she uses a lot more than the average appliance, although I can't think what they might be.

Moo said...

I used to have a smoothie maker but gave it to a friend coz I hardly ever used it but now I miss it and in replacement bought a juicer which kind of does the same job!!

Reidski said...

Now I come to think about it, that pasta machine of mine hasn't been used in about 10 years. We're having home-made pasta on Monday JJ!

J.J said...

Oh Arthur, I am SO struggling to think why your wife might get through copious amounts of batteries...??????

Oh Moo - you have just accounted for £25.00 worth of the £20 billion total!

Reidski, most excellent dude!