Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ho hum

Well my lap top is in for repairs. I expect no more. It is after all an entire three weeks since it came back from being repaired from the exact same problem which reoccured this morning.

I have also been battling with the idiots who decided that once a kid enters the 6th Form he/she shall not be permitted on the school bus without a pass costing £125 a term never mind that there are places available on the bus and he/she has the bus fare which they were happy to accept as long ago as erh, last term. This is particularly amusing when the alternative bus journey for said 6th Former would involve 1 bus trip of 9 miles, another of 15,and a third of 5 - with the reverse journey to be repeated after school rather than a journey there and back of ten miles total by means of the bus that takes them straight to the school gate. If you can introduce the policy in the middle of the day when said 6th Former is at school but is informed he/she will not be allowed on the bus home, so much the better if your aim is to really really piss parents off. What happened to the policy of trying to reduce the school run traffic? I am sorry to say my personal resistance to this policy along the lines of 'Sod them, they are not getting all that money off me. I will take him to school each morning' lasted exactly one day. I could not take the stress of getting my kids to school on time and the credit card has been further stretched to purchase the flaming bus pass.

And how lucky am I? Not ONLY do I get to watch my team get hammered by Millwall whilst sitting in the Millwall end on Saturday but I ALSO get to watch Celtic play Rangers first! Well, OK, I have to admit to being perfectly happy about the second part of that footballing deal but I don't want to give away the fact that I am not a totally miserable git.

But it is not all bad. Yesterday Reidski and I saw 'Volver' at last and it was every bit as good as it was said to be. Penelope Cruz is SO beautiful - but apart from that I enjoyed it. And my Lee Child book that I am reading is totally absorbing and as I don't have the distraction of the computer at home I should finish it tonight. I have read 9 Lee Child books in the past few months and am totally addicted to them. My whole family plus Reidski are now reading them too, even my dad who has not been known to read fiction since he was into Billy Bunter books. (Umm, I am assuming Billy Bunter was fictional?)

And it is no good. I can't think of anything else to moan about so I suppose I had better do what I am allegedly at the gym for - some exercise for body parts other than the two fingers I use for typing.

Apologies if I am slack with responding to any comments until the computer is back. I will do my best.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hasn't your sixth form offspring got a bicycle? Ten miles is nothing. When I were a lad I used to pedal forty miles to school, had cardboard for breakfast and when I came home on a night I had thirty Fresians to milk, twelve hours of homework and I still had to make tea for me seventeen brothers and sisters.

J.J said...

I tried the 'On yer bike' approach. D has had to go into therapy to recover from my outlandish suggestion.

Jim said...

Bad luck on the football front. And why oh why do you want to see the weegie tribes do battle? Oh almost forgot, Reidski is a a follower of the Eastern Weegies. They should walk it. Southern Weegies are practically in meltdown already.

J.J said...

I understand Jim that it is essential that Celtic destroy the 'Forces of Darkness'.

I am learning more about Scotland day by day :-)

crisiswhatcrisis said...

Lee Child? Lee Child?

Jack Reacher: the most-beliveable-hero-in-a-novel-series-ever. I mean honestly, six foot twenty of damsel-saving, Sherlock-Holmes-intellected, solid muscled, ex-Military policing, tortured, homeless good guy.

I don't rush out and buy them as soon as they come out in hardback because I can't wait for the paperback or anything.

So, which one you reading?

J.J said...

I am reading 'The Enemy' Crisis, and I just LOVE those books! I will have read every one of them when I have finished it except the one that isn't in paperback yet -but if I get withdrawal symptoms when I finish this one, I might have to buy it in hard back anyway.