Friday, September 29, 2006

Something's happening tonight

I just wish I knew what.

The other week my eldest was 17. He announced he was having some mates over, but I said not last weekend, as I was going to be in London with Reidski and would rather (I think) have some element of control, but that tonight would be OK.

During the course of the past week I have asked on average four times a day what exactly is happening tonight.

Me- "How many have you asked?"
Him- "Oh, I dunno. A few."
Me- "Roughly how many?"
Him-"Dunno. Maybe about twenty."
Me -"TWENTY!!!???"
Him-"Well they won't all stay the night."
Me- (hysteria mounting) "Well how many WILL stay the night?"
Him- "Dunno."

So we start talking tents in the field behind our house and the organising by him of said tents (ours having gone to the recycling tip due to 'unfit for purpose' state). I have just found out he has done nothing whatsoever about borrowing some tents."We will just sleep out in our sleeping bags" says he somewhat optimistically in view of this mornings steady drizzle.

I shouldn't be surprised that his sole concern is the number of lagers he has been able to accumulate. I am vaguely surprised he doesn't want me to get any food in "But if you did feel like buying a few more lagers...." (Strangely I do NOT feel like buying a few more lagers.)

So, I have a certain quantity of teenagers here tonight, who may or may not be staying, who may or may not have a tent to sleep in, and who will go very hungry unless I relent and buy sausages and bread rolls in bulk (could be a little boring for the veggies amongst them, but knowing the dietary requirements of x number of mystery guests would be too much to expect. They do however have a fridge full of lagers to get through.

Actually I do know what is happening tonight, I was 17 once.....


Reidski said...

You were 17 once? That's not possible cos you only look about 16 now!!

Moo said...

yeah, bro had a bbq for his birthday at beg of month, all he cared about was how many lagers my dad was buying and then when I helped myself to one he went bananas and said there wouldnt be enough for him if I had one...he had 24 cans and there were only 6 of them!!

SimonHolyHoses said...

Ooh this is all obviously just over the horizon for me (my eldest is 15).

I'd not thought about it. Motorbikes up the stairs, coal in the bath, people upstairs wandering around in their underware, complete strangers sniffing petrol out of beer cans in the garden... it all comes flooding back.

Oh well, if you can't beat 'em...

Yorkshire Pudding said...

What kind of hostess are you? I am sure a couple of these lads could bunk up with you, assuming of course that you don't snore. Another couple could be in the bathroom and surely you have some loft space? Go on show them some typical old-fashioned Northamptonshire hospitality. By the way - a few buckets and bottles of disinfectant should be placed strategically around the house... just in case!

Anonymous said...

I wish i could console you with the thought that this phase will only last a short time but.....Mine's 23 and it's still going on. Just can't get rid.

Reidski said...

So did you survive JJ - your public demand to know (yes, I know that I know but they don't).
And my obvious commiserations about today's result - but can I mention Millwall's amazing comeback from 2-0 down to the mighty Rotherham to win 3-2? Oh, okay, I won't mention it then!!

J.J said...

Reidski, have you been drinking darling?!

Moo, teenagers are very possesive over their lager aren't they?

Simon -make the most of this lull before the inevitable.

YP, I snore so badly I couldn't possibly inflict that on young impressionable ears.

Hello Gordon, and thanks for dropping by - and depressing me!! ;-)

Reidski, congrats on Millwall's great comeback. Now why couldn't my team do the same???