Monday, September 25, 2006

He loves me not!

I’ve just found out I have been dumped! Reidski has ended it all - sob!

It wasn’t as if my team didn’t allow Millwall plenty of chances to score.…how many exactly did they need? And in the light of our recent form I could hardly have foreseen that in the 41st minute we would actually grasp our first scoring opportunity of the entire first half and take the lead now could I? This is a pretty accurate summing of a game Millwall never should have lost but did…HOORAY!

I got dressed in the morning in my ‘Life is all Cobblers’ tee-shirt. Reidski was stunned into silence when he saw me in it – I would like to be able to tell you he was stunned by how gorgeous I looked in it, but have to admit that might not have been the reason for the total shock that registered on his face. I kept it on of course because I am so hard. (Yeah right! I kept it on because no one could see it after I had put another tee-shirt on over the top of it).

It was so weird watching the game with the home fans. Basically, whatever they were saying out loud, I was thinking the exact opposite. When they jumped out of their seats because their side nearly scored it was with anticipated delight, whereas when I jumped out of my seat because their side nearly scored it was with anticipated dismay. Every time we nearly scored (which happened a lot more in the second half than it had done in the first) Reidski placed a restraining ‘remember where you are and don’t shout out’ hand on me. And when we actually did score I had sufficient time to compose myself as the ball was clearly going in. Actually as everyone around me was so busy going mad with rage at their own side, I’m not sure, even if I had leapt up in the air in celebration that anyone would have noticed. Still, it was probably better, all things considered not to put at risk life and limb at Millwall for the second time in a year ('Come on Luton' - arrggghhh!).

I’m not saying Millwall were bad – I didn’t need to say that because that was what everyone around me on Saturday was shouting loud and clear. I actually felt sorry for their players and ex-(since this morning) manager the abuse was so vicious. But hey, my team won – and it was BRILLIANT!!!!!

P.S. If the Cobblers had taken the same number of points at home as we have away we would be top of the league instead of just having moved up two places to 18th! I would say thank god we are away again tomorrow but it is at Cheltenham and we never ever get a point there so come Wednesday I shall be depressed again.

Except I nearly forgot – I AM depressed anyway – I’ve been dumped!

Woe is me.


The Moy said...


You folks take your ballgames seriously!

Gill said...

well I didn't go and see carlisle play brighton, I went looking for a horrid old housecoat in charity shops instead.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

As The Moy said, "Wow! You folks take your ballgames seriously!" Mmmm.. was The Moy thinking of the match itself or the nights before and after it? Dumped ey? Sorry I don't believe you, that Reidski is as besotted with you as Robbie Burns would have been -
"Oh my JJ's like a garden hose
By the library in Dunoon...." But if he has dumped you, remember there's plenty more fish in the sea e.g. stingrays!

marc said...

'I AM depressed anyway – I’ve been dumped!'

At least both of you got out of the den alive, for what that's worth!

J.J said...

Oh yes, The Moy - 'tis a serious business!

Gill, I believe you missed a good match!

YP - I am like a garden hose???!!!!

Funny you should mention Stingrays though for more reasons than you know....

J.J said...

Oh Marc! Where did your comment suddenly appear from? I swear it wasn't htere last night but the timing suggests you were - strange. Anyway, yes, alive - but with a broken heart :-(((((