Friday, September 15, 2006

That's my man!

My eyes are drawn to the wiry striker. I watched as he took the ball on the inside past the defender creating the space where there seemed to be none. He was level with the goal, the angle for a shot seemed impossible but he curled it Beckham style into the back of the net.

He had the ball again, his back to goal. He flicked the ball up in the air and turned to hit it goalwards as it came down - back of the net again my son.

So it was all true. The guy can play! But as his captain said to me after the match -if I had arrived sooner I would have seen the dreadful misses he made too (not that I believe there were any of those). He also said Reidski (yes - like you hadn't guessed who it was!) is definitely their player of the season.

I should add that Reidski said to me that on no account was I to write anything about his storming performance last Wednesday night,but I don't think for a minute he meant that.....

he said I shouldn't mention the football either ;-)


Catharine Soulipsis said...

Ah! My browser has gone berserk. I've been popping over daily only to find that you'd not written anything since the "back to school" post.

I just did a force refresh and there's a whole week of stuff!


Kevin Williamson said...

Aye but did he put it through the keeper's legs or no?

(I'm gonna hang ma head in shame for posting that...)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I hope you rubbed linament into Reidski after his star performance!

JoeinVegas said...

Hmmm, linament, haven't tried that yet.

J.J said...

A whole week of this rubbish in one fell swoop - poor you Catherine!



Joe, I am a bit worried if applied without care it could sting a bit :-)

marc said...

"back of the net again"...

Back of the net, eh? Wow! Reidski's my hero!