Monday, September 11, 2006

The new countdown clock is ticking

You would not have thought that after my last visit to The New Den, home of Millwall Football Club, that I would have been in any hurry to go again as long as I lived.

In March this year Reidski took me to see Millwall play Luton. I reproduce below what I wrote at the time on the other blog:

For overseas readers like Joe, some background info. Fans of Luton and Millwall 20ish years ago were involved in an infamous football riot. This has contributed to Millwall supporters having gained a very bad reputation for hooliganism that has taken years to try and shake off. I haven't seen SO many police as I did yesterday since the miner's strike. Anyway, we arrived at the match. Reidski confidently predicting the worst thumping for Millwall of the season and me saying they would win, although not at that moment aware that they had only managed two home wins all season.

There is another little fact I should mention as it may have played its part in the 'terrible moment'. Luton's leading goal scorer is one Stevie Howard. He used to play for the Cobblers,and as far as I am concerned, there is 'Only one Stevie Howard' and I love him. This did mean, that although I was whole heartedly intending to support Millwall, there was just a slight risk of conflict of interest.

And on to the match itself, with a poor first half and
Millwall actually in the lead, although you could tell that the Millwall supporters who I was right in the middle of, had zero confidence that this state of play would continue (there was a clue to this in the way they kept telling their own players they were a collective bunch of wankers)(nothing if not observent,me). Sure enough, second half and Luton get a goal back almost straight away. I decide to be more vocal in my support, seeing as no other sod was bothering where we were sat.

My one and only consolation was that when 'Come on Luton' slipped out of my stupid mouth, it had at least been proceeded by encouragement for 'The Lions'.

Yes, I shouted for Luton whilst in the middle of all those Millwall supporters. It was not a horrible and terrifying dream. I really did do it. I blame the drinks in the pub. And Stevie Howard. And me being a complete and utter brain dead idiot. I can not even type this without going a deep deep shade of red.


Obviously, the subject only comes up incessently. When I wrote the above I couldn't even bring myself to tell anyone else what was very possibly the worse part of it all. When I did this I was sitting next to Reidski's boss who is a fervant Millwall supporter in addition to having a somewhat abrassive nature according to his many enemies in the right wing press. Not by any stretch of the imagination, my finest moment. Apparently he spoke to a colleague on the phone that night about the match and described me as seeming 'Somewhat confused.' It is still SO embarrasing.

And I am going to go again. To sit in the Millwall end. And they are playing my team.






I have promised Reidski I will sit quietly and will not give myself away as an ardent Cobblers supporter. I won't clap their lot obviously, but I see myself in role of 'woman who is only there to please her bloke and is bored to tears'. In reality of course I will be drawing blood in my hands as my nails dig into my skin to remind myself where EXACTLY I am. My own consoling thought is that if I am scared aboutthis - and oh yes, I am really scared about this, - Reidski will be more frightened still that I do 'A Luton' again. He really hasn't got over the last time anymore than I have.


greavsie said...

What you could do when Northampton score is just 'scream'.

a) Because Northampton have scored.

b) The Millwall firm will think you're screaming at the goal that's been conceeded. or;

c) Everyone will think you're potty and wil leave you alone.

It works for me.....

Babs said...

I can understand your hesitance to shout for your lads.

It's kind of like showing up at a Mets game in a Yankees shirt. People have been killed for lesser things.

{It wasn't me. I swear!!}

The Fatalist said...

Look on the bright least you won't be kept in for at least an hour after the game! ;-)
Come on you Lions!
We're Dulwich; We're Millwall!
South Londons barmy army!
Is the miners strike really the last picket you was on?
I've been on many since, & I was on the pitch at that infamous Luton game...wearing my Pink & Blue Hamlet shirt. I was watching the news clips for weeks... ;-)

J.J said...

I am so happy that you think it is worth considering what to do in the event of us scoring Greavsie!

Babs, I must keep quiet at the match,
I must keep quiet at the match,
I must keep quiet at the match.

(I am going to keep repeating that to myself form now until 6.00pm on Saturday 23rd September in the hope it sinks in.)

Fatalist, I shall look out for you next time that battle gets shown on tele. I feel sure the pink and blue shirt will aid identification :-)

Nat said...

My sincere condolences for your upcoming torture...

Good luck love!

J.J said...

Cheers Nat!

And we have missed you! Birthday celebrations now complete? Glad you had such a good time.

JoeinVegas said...

"I will sit quietly and will not give myself away as an ardent Cobblers supporter" - I think perhaps he should change the side of the field that he sits in, in deference to your favorite team. Why should you be the one to change loyalties?

Reidski said...

Yes, that's right Joe, I'm making JJ sit somewhere that she doesn't want to ... as if!!

marc said...

Reidski's the 'Shadow', got the power to cloud men's (in this case, women's) minds. You sly devil, you'll have JJ thinking she's sitting in her regular seats at Sixfields!