Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The donkey story that could have ended a beautiful relationship

Anyone who visits Reidski's blog knows that he enjoys sharing quirky news stories. Most days I will receive a series of bizarre and/or funny stories, interspersed with more ordinary exchanges of the 'I will meet you at Euston' or 'Work is driving me mad' variety. From time to time I see a story first that I think he might like and yesterday I saw the donkey story (see below).

All I did was click on his name at the top of my in box, pasted the web address and pressed 'send'. And that was the moment I realised I hadn't actually read that particular e-mail from him yet, but what I saw - too late to cancel my e-mail - was something about how he had just discovered he owed a huge sum of money in unpaid council tax accumulated since he moved five months ago and that the council had declared they were sending in the baliffs. He was clearly, from my speed reading as my e-mail disappeared en-route to his desk, completely distraught.

So this meant that when he would have been expecting, if not a phone call from his loving girlfriend offering love and sympathy, then at the very least an e-mail saying how sorry I was, what he actually recieved was a story about a prize winning donkey. How considerate am I???

I am fortunate that after the initial shock my response must have caused, he decided it was very funny. And he got the tax problem sorted out too.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

There is something absolutely as I would expect it from you two that it would take something so bizarre to even vaguely threaten your relationship!

Am chuffed that the situation got resolved though (both in terms of the tax and the donkey).

Jim said...

There's nothing like a funny donkey story to cheer you up when faced with iminent finacial ruin, the threat of a bunch of neanderthals en route to break down your front door and sell your entire album collection on ebay for a pittance, whilst simultaneously seeking a court order to arrest your salary/wages. Not of course that I've been in that position for at least a couple of years now. Damn that Thatcher woman. Isn't she dead yet? But had I been, I am sure I would have had my day made.

Reidski said...

Oh yes folks, how we laughed our heads off at that one. As I pondered life on the streets, I thought how I would look back at that donkey story and piss myself laughing - or was that just piss myself?

J.J said...

Lisa I did feel really awful when I realised what I had done...heartless, callous bitch - that's me!

Ah Jim, the poll tax rebellion - those were the days!
And on another subject entirely - we reckon you have got a problem with your comments facility. Have been trying and failing to leave a belated happy birthday message on it for several days so - Hope you had a Great Birthday!

J.J said...

Reidski - I AM SO SORRY!!!!

Jim said...

Thank you, I hust found your comment. I hadn't looked before becuase it hasn't counted it. Odd.