Saturday, September 30, 2006

Film lines

Some of my blogging mates (eg George and Lovely Lisa have recently turned their attention to The Best Film Lines Ever. I wanted to have a go at that too, but got stuck after "We have an injured rabbit also". (The geek in Local Hero shouting up at the bedroom window of the hotellier Gordan Urquart who has been woken up by the battering on the front door by the geek and the American who wants to buy the bay for an oil refinery, following their arrival in the village at an unearthly early hour.

So I had to cheat and resorted to the awards for The Cheesiest Lines in Film Ever(NOW) amongst which there are many "I can deliver this with a straight face if I live long enough" moments.

I think this may be my personal favourite =

A line delivered by Kevin Costner in his flop The Postman rounds off the top 10.

"You're a godsend, a saviour," a blind woman tells his character. "No," he replies. "I'm a postman."


George Walks said...

Hey JJ, that is an amazing coincidence as YESTERDAY a few of us had a day trip from here in Aberdeen to Pennan to check out the phonebox and have lunch at that very same hotel, and then we watched the film in the evening (only one of us had seen it beforehand)!! It is a great film. Poor rabbit!

The Moy said...

To continue the rabbit theme:

"Attention! Attention! A herd of killer rabbits is coming this way."

(NIGHT OF THE LEPUS, and no, it was not a comedy, but a 1970s "horror film" about giant rabbits. The filmmakers tried, but the fact is that tight closeups of bunnies wiggling their nose are not scary, even when you smear fake blood around their adorable little mouths.

And then, of course, there are cheesy lines you KNOW you are going to hear in certain kinds of films:

American Noir: "Let go of me, you're hurting my arm!"

"Blackmail is such an...ugly word."

French Romantic Comedy/Tragedy:

Shot of unshaven leading man running down a Paris Street hopelessly shouting, "Marie! Marie!" at a departing blonde.

American action/sports/rock bio/cop drama:

"This time, we do it OUR way!"

J.J said...

Amazing coincidence indeed George - and lucky you - the Moray coast is beautiful. Trudi - the rabbit had a name - Trudi!

The Moy - I love all of those, but now have burning need to see the Night of the Lepus which sounds tremendous!

SimonHolyHoses said...

I love those often very camp ones.

In Kangaroo Jack (which is a kids film) one of the characters is escaping from the police with his dog (named Waffles). There is a classic cheesy line in which he stands at the top of some stairs and shouts (of his dog), "Poor Waffles! He's frozen with fear!"

Nothing added to the story, just cheese and a slight surreal quality.

And the classic line from some 70s British comedy film with Hilda Baker in which one of the characters says, "it's not fair! He's got pineapple shunks and I've only got baked beans."

J.J said...

Smon, I am laughing out loud at poor frozen Waffles - thank you !