Thursday, September 07, 2006

Peter Rabbit

We are rather sad because my neice's beloved pet rabbit has died.

We are even sadder because on the second visit to the vet with said rabbit the vet said that when rabbit's get sick they tend to curl up and die quietly rather than fight back against the illness as (according to him) dog's and cat's do. And THEN the vet having told my sister it was basically hopeless charged her £90.00 for the medication he had provided. We are not entirely sure why he could not have mentioned it was hopeless on visit one which was made a mere twelve hours previously.

Peter died four hours after the second trip to the vet. We suspect it may have been from a heart attack when he heard how much the vet's bill came to.


Reidski said...

poor wee thing

Arthur Clewley said...

at least nobody has had the bad taste to introduce the 'the wabbit kicked the bucket, the wabbit kicked the bucket!' into this thread. If they do, they'll have me to answer to.

anyway, we're all expecting another receipe, perhaps for a nice stew or pie following the dead rabbit story so please get a move on, but no exotic mediterrean veggies that I need to drive to Islington to buy in this one please!

Moo said...

poor rabbit indeed, £90 - I would have had a heart attack if I were there!!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Poor Wickle Wabbut! To offset the vet's bill, they could have sawn off the rabbit's limbs to make four lucky rabbits' feet - could have sold well at a local craft fair. Just a thought.

Chairwoman of the bored said...

When poor Ptolomy started his long journey to the Underworld, the Vet phoned us to say that the dog who he had recently (successfully according to his previous call) operated on had just died, he couldn't have been more sympathetic or contrite.

He maintained his suitably abject expression while he handed me his 'account*' for £980.00. Luckily I have pet insurance.

*What he didn't adequately 'account' for, is why Ptolomy died.

J.J said...

Reiski, it is black arm bands all round.

Arthur, I am thankful for your promised support!

Moo, it was nearly a mass family heart attack when we heard about it.

Y.P...I bet I could get a good price at the same Islington market Arthur is popping down to for his posh veg!

Hi Chairwoman, thank you for visiting - and firstly I am sorry to hear about your dog, but secondly OHMIGOD! I had no idea vets charged those kind of prices. Thank god you did have insurance.

Beki said...

Sorry to hear a loved beastie has passed over.

As you know I have been at the mercy of vet bills this week (currently at around £300 and counting!) but I have to say my vets are fantastic. They itemise everything out and as they know I am a multi cat household, and all those cats have been rescued and problematic each in their own way (so can't be insured), they really do keep the bills to the minimum but without cutting corners. I adore my vets!

However, as a volunteer in a cat welfare charity at the field end of matters we are in and out of vets across the area and I have met some right sh*t*!

J.J said...

Hi Beki, thanks for visiting...and thank god there are people like you prepared to put themselves out to help abandoned animals.