Sunday, January 14, 2007

That was the week that was

Well the really positive piece of news is that I have now gone an entire week without causing damage to any motor vehicle. I did however get my first ever parking ticket in spite of having purchased a ticket to pay to park. War has been declared between Jane and the London Borough of Camden on account of this offending ticket. I may be sad enough to return to that subject on another occasion. (Mental notes made by assorted visitors to give this blog a miss for the next several weeks at least.)

I went down to stay with Reidski on Thursday for a couple of nights. It was a year since we first met so we celebrated. I first fell for Reidski in February 2005 when I read this description of an accident he had had involving his son's scooter and a very steep hill. It was illogical and daft that I developed a crush on someone I had never met and was fairly unlikely to ever meet but develop a crush I did. This weekend we walked past the scene of that accident just never knows what life has in store but my life took a massive turn for the better the day I first met him. People who know him regularly make a point of telling me what a great guy he is and how much they love him, and all I can say is they are right. Enough before I embarrass him or me or both of us. Suffice to say we had a lovely time together.

I got back home in time for the football. I have not spoken much about football recently as quite honestly it has all been so depressing. We had a lovely man as a manager - John Gorman - from the start of the season. He got the players playing quite attractive football but what he could not get them to do was win - or even score a goal - at home. The atmosphere was bleak and I was at the 'Why I am I putting myself through this misery?' point en route to each match. What I really didn't want to do was critise John Gorman as he was clearly in mourning for his wife who had died of cancer this time last year, but it became increasingly obvious that in fact he should not have taken the job when he did as he was not mentally strong enough for it at the time. Anyway, he resigned shortly before Christmas and from what I have been told he was suffering with depression, especially coming up to his first Christmas without his wife,and the anniversary of her death. I sincerely hope he comes through this terrible time for him, and I wish him all the very best.

In came Stuart Grey - formerly with the likes of Villa, Southampton and Wolves. This was the first game I had seen with him in charge. I am VERY concerned. Does anyone know who I need to contact when I have reasonable grounds to believe a football team had been abducted by aliens from outer space and had their bodies taken over by said aliens? They looked like the same players I saw last time at Sixfields but there the similarity ends.

I witnessed a truly cracking game of football in which my side who had previously struggled to score one goal at home somehow managed to score three and could have had seven. At one point we were three nil up and relaxed. I have to emphasis the word 'relaxed' as we can never ever relax at Sixfields. Of course, conceding two goals in the last ten minutes did mean that the relaxation didn't last but was still nice at the time, although I guess we knew we would be alright when the starlings arrived again.

And I can't wait for the next home game .....Millwall Take 2. The previous game was abandoned because of torrential rain making the pitch unplayable whilst Millwall were leading 1-0. I missed it as I was in Lapland but erhh- my Millwall supporting bloke did have the 'pleasure'.

I have only been at one match that was abandoned. That was when we were winning 1-0 against a very good Huddersfield side. The winds that day were gale force and they started pulling off the advertising boards around the top of the stadium, prompting the away supporters to start singing 'Sixfields Stadium's falling down, falling down, falling down...' It was very dangerous and the match was stopped. We lost the rearranged game, but play again like we did yesterday and we really should win this rearranged game....I think my relationship can survive though, whatever the result on the 23rd January so it must be love!


The Fatalist said...

Well if you think your football was shit...Dulwich Hamlet (top of the table) lost at Corinthian Casuals (rock fucking bottom)
Don't know what the fuss is about with your motors. My 'car' is always breaking down, not starting, getting stuck in's called being a non-diver, & a lifelong public transport user!

The Fatalist said...

And ha,ha! Just read the link to the scooter mishap on Telegraph Hill...very funny! Mind you be thankful you weren't up the top of One Tree Hill at Honor Oak. Now THAT is steep.

Foilwoman said...

Jane: I can't think how you read Reidski's post and didn't comment! Of course, I always have to interfere, comment, whatever. Someday, when he's 93, he'll still have a scar, and someone will ask him "Is that from a fight?" At least that's how I imagine it.

So how'd you go from not commenting on a hilarious post that gave you a big honking crush on the bloke to being together with him? Enquiring minds want to know.

Reidski said...

JJ, are those people laughing with me or at me? I think I can guess

And that bloody parking ticket - gggrrrrrrrrrrr!

JoeinVegas said...

Thanks for the link - that's the first time I read it. My question: how could that make you go looking for him? A story like that would ..

J.J said...

Hiya Fatalist. Bad news on your lot but hopefully normal results will be restored by next week.

London transport is great - but Northampton's isn't - in fact today's local paper carries news of yet more cuts to what little bus service is left round here, and I would lose my job without a car. Must drive more carefully though.

Foilwoman - I confess I did comment but in a different place. I will get round to the'how I met Reidski' story one day soonish.

Reidski - moving swiftly on from your question - yes, that bloody ticket!!!

Joe - blimey! By complete coincidence I have just been admiring pics of your beautiful Ellie and come back to see you here! And I suppose it was either the mothering instinct in me that attracted me to him, or else I recognised that there was someone as prone to showing themself up in public as much as I am - and that maybe that meant we should be together!