Monday, January 08, 2007

My liberal tendencies have their limits

173 days to go (see sidebar).

And I for one can't wait.

I've just been talking to a 16 year old girl who was telling me her New Year's Resolution is to give up smoking, but she is finding it really hard as she has smoked since she was 12. She has worked out she has spent over £2,000 on fags since then.

I hate smoking.

I hate the tobacco companies more.

I loved going in smoke free pubs in Scotland.

I will love going in smoke free pubs in England from 1st July this year.

Post script. I was expecting loads of abuse for this post, but so far at least you have all been very kind except for Manuel who suspects the forthcoming ban to be a Communist plot. He points out that Jesus smoked until the day he died, but I think that rather proves how bad smoking is for you. Anyway, this picture of Our Lord has been added especially for Manuel


Reidski said...

Yes, indeed - bring it on!

Brom said...

Totally with you on this one Jane. Yes I can start going out to pubs on a more global scale again without having to de-fumigate before bed!!

Love the countdown thinggy!

Steve said...

JJ - I'm with you 100%. Y'know what pisses me off about the objections to this legislation? It's the fact that most pubs I go in are populated by significantly more than 50% of NON-smokers.

So WTF are we pandering to the (mostly)assertive and arrogant fuckers?

timesnewroman said...

Yeah its great, really notice the difference.

Manuel Estimulo said...

Is a filthy atheist communist plot.

Jesus smoked till the day he died.

Hamlet, since you ask.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Like you I detest smoking and hate the smell of it on my clothes, my wife's clothes or latterly my children's clothes. None of us smoke. One day my children will say to their disbelieving kids - "It's true! In the olden days they let people smoke tobacco in public places and you had the stink of it on your clothes and in your hair and smokers never asked permission to smoke - they just did it!"
"No way mum! You're kidding me!"
Roll on July 1st! (Not roll up!)

a very public sociologist said...

Tell me about it JJ. I've been long fed up of going to leftist huddles in pubs and coming back stinking like a fag ash factory.

Nat said...

We're smoke free in Oz. It's great except that my two favourite friends both smoke and so I spend half of my night standing outside the pub.

It means that I can't quite drink my quota of alcohol!