Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Birds! The Birds!

Football team saved by the birds.

Starlings to be precise.

More observant callers to this place may have noted my lot have been shocking at home all season. We knew why this was. It was not the managers fault. It was not the players fault*. It was not even my fault for going through my unlucky turnstile door. No - the problem has definitely been the absence of our starlings.

They used to be regular visitors and when they were swooping around in the sky above the stadium 1) we had something decent to watch, and 2) we always seemed to win. The absence of the starlings has been causing us serious concern. Had Peterborough United fans possibly lured them away with the promise of endless supplies of cake crumbs?

Yesterday the starlings returned.

We didn't dare get our hopes up when the first smallish flock was spotted. Were they there in sufficient numbers for the spell to work? But as we all watched, and I do believe we were all watching the sky rather than any thing going on on the pitch, more returned - many, many more...and suddenly - spectacularly - they split into seven flocks and it was so amazing we all cheered.

Twenty seconds later....

Yes, twenty seconds later....

We scored.

The reason I know it to be 20 seconds is that I have just watched a video on You Tube of the very display to which I just referred. SLIGHTLY tragic that the entertainment was so poor on the pitch that the guy with his phone video started filming the starlings but it does seem to offer conclusive proof that the starlings are the Cobblers lucky mascots!

Superstitious? Moi? Mate! I have seen the evidence!

Address of clip available on request.

* It was really.


Reidski said...

I want a pint of whatever it is that you've been drinking ;-)

timesnewroman said...

Me I just depend on my lucky pants. I know that I shouldn't have washed them a couple of weeks ago.

Spunky Trunks said...

I want to see that video!

Pauline Fowler died???!!!!!