Tuesday, January 16, 2007


we are seeing Billy Elliot and if it is any where near as good as friends of mine who have seen it say it is, then it is going to be amazing. My notoriously hard to please sister says it is the best show she has ever seen. I can't wait!


I, like the view said...

hope it was good

a friend of mine saw it and thought it was fantastic

Arthur Clewley said...

I go up to Easington/Blackhall from time to time and it really is full of ballet dancing London lovies with RADA generic northern accents travelling to Newcastle via the transporter in Middlesbrough, and people think Billy Eliot is just a story.

Hope the stage version is better than the film!

Messalina said...

Wow! I didn't realise that the transporter bridge is in the film of Billy Elliott! I really must watch it again. I have been visiting the Boro recently (JJ knows why) and I love that bridge. Did they have an MDF replica in the stage show?

J.J said...

I, like the view - hello! And thank you, it was wonderful.

Arthur - you didn't like the film???? I LOVED it!

HIya Messalina - yes I do know why -say hi to him from me! Come round and watch the film with us anytime. I do of course have the video!

Arthur Clewley said...

messalina, when they go to the audtion in newcastle they travel over the transporter, even though newcastle is north of easington and middlesbrough. I'm surprised they could find a day when it was actually working. still, it was vaguely 'up north' so they thought nobody would notice, just like nobody would notice that nobody in a durham pit village actually had a durham accent.

sounds like the stage show was a bit better from JJs reports though

Arthur Clewley said...

'middlesbrough is south'that should read