Wednesday, January 24, 2007

But on to far more important stuff

Before last night these were Millwall's last four results =

Won at home 4-0.
Won away 1-0.
Won at home 4-1.
Won away 4-1.

I was worried man!

But I did not need to be!

We won 3-0 against the league's form side.

What I keep trying to remind myself is that gloating is a most unattractive characteristic, so I will try not to mention over and over again to Reidski that we won, we won, we won, we won, we won.

Anyway, he said last night that he didn't care about that. All he cared about was that Scotland had beaten Canada at cricket and that was what was REALLY important. Ha bloody ha!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Poor old Reidski! He really did make an unwise choice when he first arrived in London. Was it because their strip reminded him of The Rangers or was it because Millwall tickets were cheaper than the rest? Typical Scot!

Reidski said...

Yes, let's concentrate on cricket and a reminder here for you JJ that not only did Scotland NOT finish bottom of the table in last season's C&G Trophy qualifiers but YOUR county did. So na na na na na na!

Err, wait, do I sound childish?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Do you wear disposable or John Terry's?

timesnewroman said...

Cricket, Scotland play cricket??? What is it? Is it like bagpipes that nake insect noises?

Steve said...

Heyy JJ we've lent you a midfielder apparently. Let me know how he loks - I've never seen him play.

Steve said...

Oops - here's the full URL just paste it all together (if you're that interested ;-))

J.J said...

Steve - Marc Laird played 30 minutes today - and looked a fast and committed player. I will keep a close eye on him for you!