Monday, January 08, 2007


So 'Celebrity' Big Brother is back and the only one I had heard of - Ken Russell - has left as he refused to wait hand and foot on Jade Goody, the former 'housemate' who didn't even win Big Brother 3 but is now back in the house where the others have to do everything for her seeing as how she is a real life proper celebrity, and is apparently worth 8 million pounds.

I used to see Big Brother. I admit to being terribly addicted to the first series with Nasty Nick and his scheming, and I remember seeing Jade enter the house because in discussions at work the following Monday I said to colleagues that if I ever came into contact with Jade Goody I would be forced to kill her. No one - repeat no one - should be allowed out if they are genuinely as stupid as she appears to be....'East Angular - that's abroad innit?'

I am obviously very privileged because I have seen the lovely Jade close up. She went out with a Cobblers player, Ryan Amoo....and came to the occasional match. I somehow failed to get her autograph. Not that he had more than about three games for us. From memory the first time he played he got himself sent off after 15 minutes for the most appalling foul I have ever seen one of our players commit, and should consider himself lucky he wasn't jailed for it. Jade said what she really liked about him was the fact that he was even thicker than she was. Sadly it did not last and we are unable to witness what someone thicker than Jade Goody is actually like as it is her latest boyfriend who has gone in the house with her. I read that this boyfriend would like Brad Pitt to play him in the film of his life. A film based on the life of a guy who shagged Jade Goody? Well why not? (If I have the choice I think I would go for Holly Hunt to play me. She does pathos so well.)

Why am I even bothering to write about this woman? Well looking at my bank statements this morning whilst at the same time hearing the radio talking about her 8 million pounds was mildly disheartening. I do wonder how I can explain to my kids the value of a good education when they turn on the tele and see people like her making a fortune for not even winning flaming Big Brother, but for being, and here I am struggling for a phrase which is not overly offensive - I'll go with educationally challenged.

Sociologists will have a field day with this latest twist from the Big Brother team. What on earth does it say about the society we live in?


John said...

I'm afraid it says that life is a lottery. Or, as Ecclesiastes puts it:

The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither bread to the wise.

I'm afraid you'll have to console yourself with the thought that virtue is its own reward!!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I'm not as philosophical as John above, I just think you're jealous of Jade Goody who by the way is actually a graduate of the University of Hull where she studied Social Psychology - achieving a first with her final year thesis "Armageddon: The study of social intercourse in Hessle Road public houses". Jade is simply playing the role of a mindless moron in the house - she is cunningly gathering material for her PHd dissertation - "Ain't life a bitch? - A study of C list celebrities under the media microscope".

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

YP: if only it were that simple.

JJ: like those who take pride in not achieving anything educationally (and there are plenty who disavow education and would prefer to see school as a convenient child-sitting service), the Jade Goodys of this world will always find the virtue in playing and being dumb - especially as long as they can make money out of it. Watching BB and buying Heat magazine just plays along with that.

I'm in an anti-dumb-ass-culture mood today.

J.J said...

John - but I have no virtue to console myslef with either!

YP - of course I am jealous!!! She is worth 8 million pounds - and I am skint. *sighs nostalgically at thought of Hessle Road pubs*.

Lisa - I'm with you girl!

Reidski said...

I'm in that kind of mood too after deciding to accept one of those freebie (so-called) newspapers at Euston tonight.
Page 1 - story about a princess who has been dead for over 9 years.
Page 2 - silly pics.
Page 3 - lead story on CBB, second story on Abi Titmuss not getting a job on Virgin Radio and a little story on the Peace Process in northern Ireland.
Page 4 - fuckin' hell, it's a full page of news.
Page 5 - Sloane Square to get redeveloped.
Page - back to the shite with a lead story on Jennifer Aniston's wish to adopt a baby "from a disadvantages background."

It's a fabulous read!!!!!!!!1

J.J said...

Oh that is so sweet about Jennifer Aniston!!!!

Stegbeetle said...

I think you've been very restrained in using the phrase "educationally challenged". I'm not sure I could have been so charitable.

JoeinVegas said...

Here in Vegas my daughter comments on the valet parkers at the big casinos making oodles more than she does as a teacher. So the kids ask 'why do I have to learn to read if I can just park cars'?

J.J said...

Stegbeetle - it's the social worker in me. One is trained NOT to use offensive terms - much as one often wishes to. 'Inappropriate' is as negative as we ever get!

Joe, that is really depressing.