Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One law for them?

Religions I mean.

Yes - still banging on about them.

I agree with this bit -

The National Secular Society said that allowing an exemption for the Church would open the "floodgates for a never-ending series of demands".

What this could mean actually is that no Catholic will have a hope of adopting a child in the future because the Catholic agencies if they carry out their threat will close, and other adoption agencies will never be able to trust that Catholic applicants don't have discriminatory views towards gays and therefore would be unable to approve their applications.


Reidski said...

I know - ban catholics from the workplace! Oh, wait, there are parts of Scotland and the north of Ireland where that already happens ...

J.J said...

Ah yes - religious tolerance ehh?

Nat said...

I used to be completely passive when it came to religion

...until I moved to t'other side of the world. The bigotry based on religion here has led me down the path to complete intolerance of the whole thing.

As I sneer at more religious propaganda shite I wonder if I'm as bad as the religious zealots out there?

Gill said...

psst! want to buy a used shemale deity?

J.J said...

I get worse too Nat. And don't worry - it has been scientifically proved that it is impossible to ever be as bad as religious zealots!

Gill - obviously I am very tempted - are earrings included?