Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My sister went for a meal at the home of her manager last night. She really really did not want to go. She says he is alright, but his wife is a stuck up cow, and is prone to making remarks like "My goodness! Do you really shop at Tesco's? How any one survive without Waitrose I really do not know."

Meals at their home practically come with price tags left on...."It really is worth playing that bit extra for organic fillet steak don't you think?"

So anyway, I think we can all share in my sister's delight last night when as her hostess came back in from the kitchen this woman sneezed violently and the sheer force of it sent her front tooth flying across the room where it landed in the potatoes lyonnaise.


Gill said...

Oh dear! Good thing she doesn't have to live in Cumbria. We don't have Waitrose- she would starve or have to gnaw on a sheep's leg without her tooth.

Arthur Clewley said...

as that what you call 'al dente'? ha ha, it's the way I tell 'em!

gill, kendal mint cake is the best if you have no teeth, which anyone who eats kendal mintcake regularlity will indeed have

if your sister feels a little inferior due to shopping at tesco she can come for dinner here and out aldi own brand stuff will restore her self confidance

Arthur Clewley said...

and anyway, your sister can be assured of her bosses hyacinth bouquet credentials by the fact that she was serving potoatoes lyonnaise and not lyonnaise potatoes.

Stegbeetle said...

*chokes on coffee*

Superb. Life is good sometimes.

Moo said...

That is soo funny, I bet she was mortified and I bet your sister laughed her socks off when she got home!!

J.J said...

Gill, she would no doubt know exactly the right farmer's market one needs to be seen at.

Arthur 'al dente' - wish I
had come up with taht for a title.
And yes, dead posh descriptions of dishes too.

Stegbettle - I would use that nice long German word beginning with S about getting pleasure from someone else's come uppance if I could spell it.

Moo, my sister was almost unable to tell me this morning, so helpless was she with laughing.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

God I love that sort of laughter, where you can hardly actually talk for trying to speak which of course only induces further hysteria!

J.J said...

Yes Lisa, it is infectious!