Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm cultured me!

I need to download a disc so I can get pictures of Lapland on here. It is so beautiful there you keep thinking you have walked through a wardrobe and arrived in Narnia, and find that you expect to see Mr Tumnus hopping through the forest at any given moment. In the absence of any pictures though this is a 'What I did before I went to Lapland' information post.

After a lovely Thursday spent with Reidski I met my sister, daughter and niece at the London Coliseum for my very first ballet ever. I must have looked good on the train up there - best sparkly black dress worn with red sensibly warm but very unflattering walking jacket seeing as I was en route to Finland (yes, at least some of my family managed to remember their coat).

Anyway, the ballet was Alice in Wonderland. Very beautiful it was too, although it was a good job I knew the story cos there weren't too much in the way of talking ;-)


Reidski said...

Talking in theatres, with no dancing = play.

Dancing in theatres, with no dialogue = ballet.

Keep above equations in mind for future cultural visits!

Btw, you looked sensational on the train!

J.J said...

Thanks for that tip dear...but a bigger thanks for the last comment.

Arthur Clewley said...

I'm quite jealous JJ. Don't tell anyone though. I always find you have to sit a bit farther back or the sound of feet hitting the boards spoils the illusion that the dancers are really made of some different lighter than air material and not just very fit people with big muscles

J.J said...

I want to see Swan lake now Arthur. I think I have caught the ballet bug.

arthur clewley said...

swan lake is lovely. we once watched a dress rehearsal at the RFH and had to sit through the swan dying about eight times. marvelous. PS don't read this if you don't want to know the ending

J.J said...


Oh NO!