Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am lost for words

Sitting here.

Staring at the computer.

Awaiting inspiration.

Inspiration comes there none.

So I give up on what I am supposed to be doing and check the bloggers out.


(The teenage influence rubbing off there.)

Since last October ish I have been working on a portfolio type thingy to hopefully get a post qualification - errhh - qualification (Not a very snappy description there I am afraid). I was under the impression I had finished it but no. My manager has written a report about a piece of work I did that she observed. I found out today that I have to respond to what she has said and answer various set questions about it. For example, What would you have done differently to enhance your performance? (Performance enhancing drugs perhaps?)Well here's the thing. According to what is really a very pleasing report (I owe that woman)I wouldn't need to do anything differently as it would appear I did everything right. Only of course I can't say that - they want me to reflect, and they want me to learn from practice, but I have sat here bloody well reflecting on what a sodding waste of time all this is,and still can't think of a single damn thing I would have been able to do differently to enhance this particularly stunning piece of work. OK, so I have decided to start exaggerating just exactly how totally marvellous I was in this extra- ordinarily challenging piece of work.

Next question. What theories did you employ during this piece of practice? Short answer. None. Longer answer. None whatsoever.Again however, not quite the answer they are after. Normally I would be able to conjure up some total nonsense which is the kind of total nonsense I know they are looking for, but it has been a hectic kind of day and I am knackered, and my brain has left the building and I CAN NOT DO THIS!!!

But do it I must - by tomorrow.

I repeat..



Arthur Clewley said...

know how you feel jj, at it till feckin' midnight last night - mind if I join you with a G&T? in fact just pass me the bottle. now get of the internet and do some work! it may be bollocks but it's bollocks that pays the rent

John Allmark said...

Me too. I have had a whole string of late nights catching up, and now, tonight, after two hours trying to work out the best approach for a complicated blog-tutorial-post....my screen capture software has given up....and....the pub is now shut.

Foilwoman said...

Life isn't fair. Say next time you'll have a gin and tonic before and a gin and tonic after. That's a chnage in procedure, no?

J.J said...

Arthur, I haven't done it yet. Oh dear.....

Hello John and welcome - I loved your story about the compensation claim!
Pubs ehh?- always shut when you really need them.

Foilwoman, you have a good idea there. I always find I am far more witty and intelligent after a few gin and tonics....although strangely at such times other people have a tendency to say things to me like 'Shut up, you are making a fool of yourself.' I don't get it!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Oh bugger, if I had only realised! in future, pass these things past me and with a semi-workish hat on I'd be happy to offer some suggestions, advice, useful phrases etc.

The reason I ended up my this job is because I was always doing a lot of its content anyway in supporting friends in their stuff.

and btw, I SOOOO empathise withe the rant of "its not FAIR!". tell me kiddo!

J.J said...

Oh Lisa, I may come begging. I did have a go at it and submitted it as a first draft, but it is I feel embarrasingly poor.