Sunday, January 21, 2007

That woman gets everywhere

Jade Goody I mean. I went to watch our village quiz last Friday (yes, that's how sad I am!). The last round in the quiz is an 'on the buzzer' style round with clues gradually helping uncover the answer. The question master started with 'British female'. The intellectual minds amongst us start running through female novelists, politicians, film stars etc.

'Born in south London.'
'Father died when she was young.'
'Mother injured in serious car accident'.

'Bloody hell' says I to my son who was (bizarrely) with me.

(there is a reason why both he and I were watching the village quiz that night - me because I mistakenly believed I was needed to read out some of the questions - he because he knew there was a good chance he would be bought some pints down the pub later)

'It's Jade Goody' says I.

And so it was. Shame I wasn't competing as that could have won my team six whole points. No, of course, when I am playing the answers are more likely to be some British female who was briefly an Under Secretary of State in 1963 and hasn't been heard of since. (Bitter? Yes.)

Only about ten pages about the Big Brother racism row in the Observer today - I wonder if The News of the World found space for any other story whatsoever?

But following the report of a conversation in the pub later that same evening I realise that sadly Ms Goody is far from alone in her extreme stupidity.

Someone asked the (horrible) pub landlord how he had enjoyed his recent holiday in Antigua. He replied, so I am very reliably informed - 'Well, it was alright but I wouldn't be in a hurry to go back there....too many blacks.'

What can you say in the face of such jaw dropping ignorance?

Nothing polite obviously.

To lighten the mood a puzzle for you all from our village quiz -

If James is 5, Edward is 3 and Henry is 2, who is 1? (Reidski is not allowed to give the answer to this one having been told it earlier today.)


Reidski said...

What can you say in the face of such ignorance? How about: "Pub landlord, meet Jade. Jade, meet pub landlord. I am sure you will have a lot in common. Or at least one thing anyway - you racist pigs!!"

cookie monster said...

but jades cried on the telly now so surely shes forgiven?

Elle said...

What surprised me most about this whole case were the reactions of the whitecollar Channel 4 guys, Blair, Brown etc. As if Jade was the one and only devil. Don't they know what's going on in the world? She is by now means an exception!

The landlord probably thinks he's not a racist because 'he serves those blacks'

Martin said...

Is it anything to do with succession to the throne?
My blindspot in quizzes is anything to do with royalty.

Arthur Clewley said...

who did he expect to meet in Antigua exactly? Don't let him answer the geography questions in the quiz. anyway, I'm sure he was misheard and he said something like 'it was great because nobody can you send a fax' or 'it was very nice to go away and relax'

J.J said...

Reidski - a match made in hell.

Cookie - no she ain't.

Elle, I was trying to work out what aspect of this has surprised me most but realise I must be getting really jaded (no pun intended) in my old age as on reflection none of it surprised me.

Ah Martin, several peopel thought it was royalty related - no it's not. More literature based.....

Arthur, in answer to your question, gawd alone knows. Ignorance must be bliss eh?

Gill said...

is the quiz somefink to do with people wot live in east angular?

deviousdiva said...

It seems pub landlord did not DESERVE to be in beautiful Antigua. Racism makes people look seriously stupid (mainly because they are)

Anyway, just find your blog via Bondbloke. Very funny reading. I will be back for more.

J.J said...

Devious Diva, hi and welcome! And I totally agree with your remarks about the landlord and racists.