Sunday, January 28, 2007

Normal service is resumed?

As in, we lost at home again today - However...

We lost 3-2 to the side currently second in the league, and in spite of having sold our leading scorer a couple of days ago to Wycombe Wanderers, we looked pretty good and I feel strangely optimistic about our chances of avoiding relegation.

I hate it when our matches are switched to a Sunday. Sunday football is All Wrong. Football matches take place at 3.00pm on a Saturday (except during the Three Day Week crisis in 1973? 74? - can't remember which year and can't be arsed to check it out, but do know that then we had matches on a Sunday during that energy crisis, but that was the only way we could rely on having the floodlights working. Homework done by candlelight - oh yes, I remember it well (ish). )

So why did we have to play on a Sunday? I can't blame Sky who frankly don't even know we exist except on the once in every thirty years occasion when we draw Man Utd in the FA Cup. I would blame the local rugby side, but they played at home yesterday at 5.45 or some other such daft time so it can't really be their fault...although every thing else is their fault - ( because I have a personal prejudice against them and I enjoy blaming them for everything from our kick off time to global warming : All rugby supporters drive 4x4's = FACT!!!) The only thing I can come up with for why we played on a Sunday is s clerical error...someone obviously typed in the wrong date on the tickets and so we got stuck with it. I wouldn't mind, but tomorrow at 7.00am when my alarm tells me I have to get up, but because I went to football only the previous afternoon my body clock tells me it is Sunday and I don't have to get up - I won't be happy.

Or at least I won't be happy until I remember it is Monday and Reidski is coming to see me Monday really ain't so bad!


Reidski said...

Sorry JJ, but don't know if your intention of this one was to put a smile on people's faces, but it definitely had me laughing ;-))

And, by the way, that rugby club was the blame for Millwall's defeat to top-of-the-table Scunnie yesterday!

Steve said...

Hmmmm 3:00pm kick offs - on a SATURDAY???????? Don't ever make it to the Premiership if tha's what you want.

SKY have completely and utterly sunk their disgraceful talons into every aspect of the modern game.

I think we have had TWO 3:00pm Saturday KOs this season.

They'll be shifting franchises next and Man Utd will find themselves relocated to Milton Keynes (or has that already been done???)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I don't know if you will remember this but years ago there was a car battery advert on TV and the slogan was "I told em Oldham!" Oldham being the name of the battery company or as in yesterday's result - the battering company! Haw! Haw! Loada Cobblers!

J.J said...

Yes Reidski, it was definitely that bloody fugby's club's fault.

Steve, I think it is TERRIBLE what Premiership supporters have to put up with due to Sky's ridiculous kick off times. Think I can safely say though that we will never make it to the Premiership ! - especially with the relegated sides pocketing £30 million to ensure they just go straight back up again.

YP - you are so cruel.

timesnewroman said...

I so agree with 3.oopm on Saturday being football time. Unfortunately those bastards, not only at Sky but on other PPV channels like Setanta have decreed football that they want to show will be on at a time they want to show it. Setanta having the rights means that provincial clubs like my own will be on at 8.00pm on a Monday or at 3.00pm on a Sunday against the old firm, which is pretty much all they want to show anyway. I hate the bastards. It used to be 6.00pm on a Sunday which was even worst, if you were actually going to the game when the fuck were you supposed to eat? Rant over

J.J said...

And what kind of time can you get home after a 6.00pm Sunday kick off at an away match?

It is a disgrace Jim!