Monday, January 15, 2007


Well, that evil manipulative Charlie Stubbs has been done in by that evil manipulative Tracey Barlow.

Nice story line with little unexpected twists like Charlie not actually popping his clogs straight away leaving 'Our Tracey' (copyright Deidre Barlow)worried he would come round and tell the truth, and just now Tracey being charged when we all assumed she would be free to go. My personal highlight however was the moment when a hysterical Tracey is weeping and wailing in the Barlow's front room about how she has slain the man she loves, (cue many repetitions of 'Oh Tracey... love!' from a distraught Deidre)whilst the rest of the entire cast is outside on the street (should that be on The Street?) watching the police and ambulance and speculating on events, when the nosy and frankly poisonous Blanche (mother of Deidre, grand mother to Tracey - yes, I do know my Coronation street characters),
rushes downstairs in dressing gown and curlers to demand 'Have I missed summat?'


Yorkshire Pudding said...

When ever I see "Corrie" it seems more like a comedy show than a soap opera that is trying to dramatise ordinary community life. I'm an EastEnders man myself and when people say it is morbid they are talking crap. EastEnders has many light, silly moments but it isn't a comedy panto like "Corrie".

J.J said...

Oh yes, it is often very funny - but that is what I like about it. Eastenders seems to have had an entire change of cast in the past year and I just can't keep up with who on earth is who anymore.