Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stupid cow - part 2.

I didn't think I could possibly write about this because I was so upset by it at the time but.....

As previously mentioned I wrote my poor car off on 5th January. It has just been taken away for scrap. It was emotional.

Anyway, a friend of mine who is in the privileged position of having a fleet of vehicles at her disposal lent me one of her cars. Really kind of her - she heard what I had done and that very evening turned up with this car which she said I could keep as long as I needed it.

Saturday I went down to see Reidski. I was very on edge driving what with having crashed the previous day, and not being in my own car. I met him in north London and drove across the river to his place. It was with relief that I parked safely outside his flat and I said something like 'Phew - made it in one piece.' He asked me if I was alright now, and lent over to give me a kiss. Now I am not saying the earth moved for me because of this kiss - but the car certainly did.

Seems the hand brake wasn't very tight on this car. Neither of us noticed the car was gently rolling down the hill until there was a bump - as the car came to a rest against the bumper of the car parked in front.

It was without doubt the worst moment I have had in Reidski's company by a thousand miles. I felt physically sick, my legs went to jelly, and I had to force myself to get out and see what I had done.

There was no damage to the other car but there is a scratch on my friend's which I shall have to sort out.

Just the two car accidents in two days then. I am doing well.


Elle said...

O ****

That tells you that statistics doesn't work then.

Big hug

Moo said...

Just bad luck JJ, at least it is just a scratch and you and Reidski are in one piece. x

Arthur Clewley said...

someone somewhere has a voodoo doll of you in a little voodoo car JJ that they keep sticking pins in.

either that or you released the handbreak snogging but we won't go into what you mistook it for.

I do feel for you as even a 'near miss' leaves my nerves shredded. I'm sure that probability says you can't possibly have another scrape for ages though

cookie monster said...

bloody women drivers eh?

George Walks said...

It's like a scene from Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em! Sympathies JJ...

Steve said...

JJ you are living a romantic comedy - or at the very least a sit com.

Nevermind, 2007 can only get better.

David Duff said...

"Allo, 'JJ', wanna new motor?"

Seriously, I can recommend 'Duff Motors', purveyors of very fine horseless carriages to the gentry since, oh I dunno, 1990. And my warranties are unique - if you get past the lampost at the *bottom* of the hill, you're warranty's run out! Also, you might care to take advantage of my cut price car insurance although I'm afraid it doesn't cover baldie Jocks of uncertain temper.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

You felt physically sick and your legs went to jelly. Does Reidski's kissing always have that effect? Buy him some breath freshener!

J.J said...

Thanks for hug Elle!

Cheers Moo!

Arthur, that was a very naughty comment about the hand brake - which made me laugh out loud :-)

Cookie, no, to be fair - bloody Jane driver.

George, I begin to wonder if Frank Spencer did perchance 'know my mother'?

Steve, one certainly hopes so!

David, if only I had known before I would of course have been sorely tempted ;-)

YP - I can promise you his kisses only have very nice effects on my body!