Saturday, October 20, 2007

What are they saying here?

Reidski has had several happy birthday texts today.

He has had 2 x 'Happy birthday you chube.'

1 x 'Happy birthday you twat.'

and 1 x 'Happy birthday you cunt.'

The last one was from one of his brothers.

Good job I like him.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Chube? What is that? Never heard the word before. Is it a Scot living in exile who still harbours fantasies of footballing stardom? Ho! Ho! Have a good evening.

Dandelion said...

No, I think it is a person who seeks to find fame and fortune by uploading silly video clips of themselves to a well-known google-owned video-sharing website.

Or it could just be a plump person, right?

J.J said...

Two very good Call My Bluff definitions from both!

Karen said...

RIP Alan Coren :(