Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nothing if not unpredicatable

After the debacle that was Tuesday night for at least an hour ofyesterday's match we could do no wrong and in spite of an injury crisis that we left Millwall with we deservedly won what was, once Port Vale decided to join in, a great game of football. (Port Vale's goal was a beauty - we clapped.)

Going back to our late arrival at Millwall, it transpired that the team were just 5 miles from the ground but had to have a police escort in what with Millwall fans being so unruly and all that. Anyway, traffic was terrible in the area as it was, but it sure wasn't helped by the police escort vehicle sustaining a bloody puncture! THAT was why the team arrived late!

And obviously I should be grateful that my team are unlikely ever to be troubled by European fixtures. I was quite shocked to see that yesterday - a SATURDAY - that there were only 2 Premier league games because so many of the pampered darlings couldn't cope with playing that day having exerted themselves in Europe during the week. Erh, don't they all have squads consisting of 50 or so players? Could they not possibly give someone else a game even if all the 11 that turn out in the week are feeling a little fatigued? What about the poor fans? The very poor fans if they are paying the ticket prices demanded by these clubs. Oh I was forgetting that they are the last people to be considered by the powers that be in football. Who cares if they have horrendous homeward journeys on a Sunday evening from where ever it is that their team is playing that day? Of course, even when they don't play European fixtures in the week they bugger about with match days and times due to the Evil Sky Sports.

Talking though of exorbitant prices for football ( Was I talking about that? Oh yes - got a passing mention in above complaint) we are playing at Luton a week on Monday. Now for those amongst you who have never had the pleasure of a trip to sit in the away end at Luton Town I have to assure you that this picture (with thanks to Duncan Adams - photographer) is genuine.

Yes, we really do go in through the middle of people's houses. As we go up the steps the other side we look down into people's back yards. We then - or certainly those of us with long legs do - sit bent double hugging our knees as there is no leg room at all - whilst trying to avoid the seats where the view is completely concealed by huge pillars. A pukka pie costs £3.00. Oh I don't believe what I just saw when looking for a link to pukka pies....I have to share this whilst checking which century we are living in........

That has completely thrown me! Where was I?

Oh yes, anyway - for such unaccustomed luxury we are expected to pay £23.50 a ticket. In the words of Ricky Gervais in Extras "You're 'aving a laugh." But hey - rejoice and praise the Wonderful Public Service that is Sky Sports. The match is being televised so I shall feel no need to go!

Did I just hear the words 'Two faced bitch' muttered somewhere in the distance?


timesnewroman said...

Pukka Pies £ 3.00?? They are definitely having a laugh. The "award winning"

Killie Pie is £ 1.70 Worth the price of the Season Ticket alone!

trousers said...

Football. My team, Mansfield Town, aren't doing very well at the moment. Bottom of League two. It's painful to see the results each week, I'm not feeling very confident that they'll manage to stay up this season.

Gill said...

who is the evil goblin about to attack that pie??

Karen said...

4-0, 4-0, 4-0!!!!

Apparently Met police came up to Carlisle to help keep the Milwall lot in line. My friend was in a pub in town and said that a man (football alliegence unknown) kept getting in the way of a police horse and it headbutted him twice. Good for the horse I say!

Vince and I were well out of harm's way at a friend's house on the outskirts of town. Almost a shame really as if we'd had the windows of our house open we would have heard the crowd celebrating the goals. We listened to Elton John for free that way!

cookie monster said...

our chairman has decided to give away free tickets for the Gills next game after the debacle of saturdays defeat to the Scum. losing battle there though methinks.

Martin said...

How much trouble would it have been to a)have the Uefa Cup qualifying teams play each other the Sunday following their cup games and
b) for Sky show these as their live games on Sunday.

That way you could have had 2 games on Sunday and the rest Saturday.Too obvious?

The Fatalist said...

You could always try supporting your local non-league team. Usually just a depressing, but a little bit cheaper. Not a lot, still hugely over-priced!

J.J said...

THR - that pie sounds great! We must get along and sample one soon.

Trousers, I have a very traumatic memory of a play off semi fianl at Mansfield. In spite of that hope you survive in the league - nice bunch of supporters in my experience. And thanks for popping in btw.

Gill, good question - you wouldn't trust him as far as you could throw him would you?

Karen - bit of a thumping for Reidski's team wasn't it? It is a shame about the few thugs who continue to give Millwall a bad name. I have actually shouted for the away side whilst sitting in the middle of Millwall fans and lived so most of them must be pussy cats - rather than Lions. (No, I didn't mean to do it - it was a mortifying experience!)

Cookie - what is it with your defence????

Martin - yep - far too obvious and far too helpful.

Fatalist - no can really do mate - we would be talking Rubbish and Diamonds so you will understand the local difficulty there!