Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have decided that when we decide to play in both half's of a football match this season we will be fine. And I don't think this score line was a fair reflection of last night's televised (did you see it?) match.

Yorkshire Pudding has mentioned my tardiness in getting rid of my countdown to the smoking ban clock. What I might do is start recording the number of days since we last had a penalty. In the past 90 games we have been awarded 2 penalties and have given away 19. During last night's second half alone Luton's Matthew Spring scored two penalties to add to the other four he has taken this season. And it isn't that we don't get decent shouts for penalties - last night alone we could have been awarded 2 and Luton could not have complained.

One of those 2 penalties we were given was for handball, so this means that according to referees, a Cobblers player has only been fouled once in the opposition area once in the last 8,100 minutes of play. (Just call me Stato.) But what tends to happen when one of our players gets brought down in the area is that our player gets booked for 'diving' and the offending side is given a free kick. So what do we have to get penalties? Take diving lessons? Or play Cheltenham?

It so happens that the only two penalties we have been awarded in the past 18 months were both against Cheltenham......

who it so happens we play on Saturday.

One of the many daft things about being a football fan is that hope springs eternally.


cookie monster said...

it could be worse JJ, you could be a Millwall fan... ;)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Dear Stato,
Of course Northampton are rarely awarded penalties. This is because of the town's Nazi allegiances in World War Two. It is rumoured that the Fuhrer himself was a keen Northmapton Town fan and also had his jackboots specially made there. When he yelled from the terraces "Penalty!" the referees bloody listened. In the oft forgotten 1939-1940 season The Cobblers were awarded an average of three penalties per match, converting 75% of them. This inspired Hitler to invade Belgium.

Mr History

J.J said...

Trouble is Cookie that since I met Reidski I do keep wishing Millwall would win.

YP - oh, that explains it.

P.S. What ever you are on I could do with some!

cookie monster said...

except when theyre playing the Gills eh jane? oh well.....

and at least you dont have a soft spot for the scum from Layer Road..... i truly and utterly despise colchester (and blackburn).

sorry, i let my footballing bile rise to the surface there for a minute

Miss jane said...