Thursday, October 04, 2007

Generous to a fault

Lots of faults actually.

Well, I was right to be worried about this. When a side has not won in 7 games they would be wise to ask for the fixtures to be rearranged in order to play Northampton next. An end to the losing streak would then be practically guaranteed.

Mind you, even by our standards we did go out of our way to help Millwall on Tuesday night by means of the following:

1) Bring two players back from long term absence due to injury.
2) Play four players out of position.
3) Arrive late. The team coach got delayed on the motorway and only arrived 15 minutes before kick off was due. Kick off was delayed to allow time for team and fans to arrive. At 7.30 me and Reidski were very lonely indeed in the away end with an estimated 48 others.
4) Due to late arrival, don't warm up properly and therefore -
5) Lose captain to injury after three minutes and as if that wasn't enough -
6) Lose best player to injury thirteen minutes later.
7) Concede two soft goals.
8) Play at an unacceptably poor standard.

What was that line again?

Oh yes.

"It is only a game."

*Goes off to find cat to kick.*


Martin said...

Sounds like you're after the manager's job with that list of excuses,JJ.

I think Reidski should tell us how many players Millwall had injured or out of position.

Karen said...

Don't kick cats!!!

Reidski said...

Excuses, excuses, indeed! The simple fact is that the Cobblers were so awful that they even wound me up with their ineptitude says it all!

Our excuse: we have a shite manager who has taken the bold step of getting rid of all our strikers bar one - and he's a cancer survivor!

J.J said...

Martin - I think Reidski should say nothing on this subject!!!!

Karen - OK - I won't!

Reidski - as always my dear, I can only agree with your analysis - we were god awful.