Monday, October 15, 2007

I have lived in two of the places

named here as the Worst 20 places to live in Britain. Specifically I have lived in Hull (No 2) and Haringey (No 18). Additionally my dad's family come from Stoke (No 13).

So lots of offence taken.

As Lisa from Nottinghamand Steve from Manchester would no doubt agree - what a load of rubbish...and I am not talking about the towns on the list.

But still on the subject of rubbish, as Reidski pointed out - check out the article to the right beginning "We married our dads." Good grief!


Pixie said...

Thank godness.... I've only lived near Cannock and now near Stoke.... phew!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hull number two worst place to live? Bollocks! These clever southern shisters need to have a Yorkshire knuckle sandwich. What's the best place to live? F-ing Godalming or f-ing Braintree or f-ing Chelsea? Bollocks those places are occupied by boring southern twats.

Moo said...

Ahem YP, I am a Southerner...I dont see any Southern towns on the list!

J.J said...

Great places both Pixie.

YP - bollocks indeed as we both know very well.

Moo, you remind me - how did Slough escape?