Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What the bloody hell is wrong with some women?

"I made a commitment to this person. I moved closer to be near him. I was horrified to find out I was not the only woman in his life. I was so deeply involved with him.

I don't know why I felt the urge to write to him, but I did."

And this fucking stupid woman is on tele at the moment talking about the man she fell in love with during an exchange of letters she initiated - with
Peter Sutcliffe.

Artist Sandra Lester began writing to Sutcliffe in 1990 while trying to come to terms with the abuse she suffered as a child.

She read an article about him and decided to "extend a Christian hand of support". After exchanging letters daily for a year, she believed she had found lasting love with the killer.

And according to this article she was not one lone lunatic who 'felt the urge' to write to a man who killed at least 13 women and attempted to kill at least a further 7. Oh yes, one could really see how a woman might be drawn to communicate with such a man.

As one woman who still has vivid memories of the sheer terror the Yorkshire Ripper caused all women living in the north of England in the days before he was finally apprehended, I refer back to the title of this post.


JoeinVegas said...

Well, usually in California the lifers find women to marry them. Conjugal visits and all.

Dandelion said...

Well, I would imagine that what is wrong with some women is that if they have been abused in particular ways, and it has affected them in particular ways, and they are trying to come to terms with their experiences, this is precisely the type of person they might be drawn to.

I must say, although I wouldn't go near them in a romantic way, I for one would really like to know what is going on in people's minds when they carry out sex crimes against women. I would like an explanation, rather than just writing him off as evil and turning away. People who have done these crimes hold the key, I think, towards stopping other people doing them in the future.

Steg said...

Yes, I watched that too.

There's some very funny people about and not all of them are under lock and key.

J.J said...

Joe, I have read of women from England 'falling in love' with men on death row in the States. Don't see the attraction myself.

Dandelion, I know in my work abused kids pick abusive partners when they grow up, and patterns repeat. Yes, I can see this is an extreme example of that - but how do they justify the crimes such men as Sutcliffe ave committed against other women - could have been their mum/sister/daughter/best friend. I know I shouldn't be judgemental but I am as to me they insult the memory of all the victims of these men the first time they pick up the pen to write 'Dear Peter.'

Steg - yes quite - and inexplicably some choose to talk about their gross stupity on television. If it was me I would liek to think i owuld be too ashamed to admit it myself - let alone to a prime time TV audience.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I am proud to say that Sutcliffe was apprehended in Sheffield. In my view, the copper who caught him should have picked up his evil ballpin hammer and summarily bypassed legal proceedings.

Some women seem attracted to bad uns - as if they promised more thrills and passion - while I crawl up to bed in my pyjamas with me cocoa and my Year 7 Homework Projects... "Not tonight darling! I am busy."

Gill said...

There's a lot of needy people about I would say in reply to your question.

Arthur Clewley said...

perhaps she just likes beards

Dandelion said...

I can only presume they justify it the same way he did. Identifying with the abuser, isn't it called?

Anonymous said...

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