Thursday, October 11, 2007

Anxious? Moi?

Now I may in passing have mentioned that I am going to South Africa soon.

Yes I know - apologies for mentioning it at every available opportunity. But maybe because it is such a big deal - as in - once in a lifetime experience - I am getting a little anxious about it. Well I certainly am if my dream is anything to go by.

So in the dream we are there and I think that through thick fog I see a giraffe. It is when someone tells me I am pointing at a dog that I realise I have left my contact lenses at home and therefore will not be able to see any animals whilst out on safari. Then it started to snow. My friend told me we were promised blizzards in the morning, but it was OK, because there were lots of boy scouts on stand by to dig us out. I am embarrassed to admit that at this point in my dream I thought - "Must get photos of the snow as no one who reads the blog will believe me when I said it snowed otherwise." THAT was when I realised that I had left my camera at home.

Cut to me driving my car along the riverbank. (No, I'm not sure how I came to take my car to South Africa either but...)This leads on to another anxiety I have at present - one of my car's many warning signs is currently in real life illuminated, and I haven't got round to sorting it out yet.My car then started giving me messages running across the dashboard saying things like "You have left it too late. Your car is fucked." I mention this to someone who works at the lodge. He said it was OK and that he knew someone in Northampton he could ring and they would be able to help. I was quite impressed by this extraordinary knowledge, (and how did he know I was from Northampton?)and thought I should give him a tip. THAT was when I realised I had come out without any money whatsoever.

Next I was worrying that Reidski would be upset because I hadn't managed to ring him before I left. And then, as I am in real life wont to do when I am nervous, I spilt my glass of wine - and woke up.

Do other people get so worked up merely because they are leaving the country for six days?

Note to self....MUST get car seen to.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sorry to be the one to say this my dear but you are going off your rocker! You will absolutely love South Africa. Watch out for the giant centipedes and the weaver birds and the Castle beer and the wood carvings and the dancers... and the whales and the rhinos, the giraffes and the friendly people. I am jealous.

cookie monster said...

you really should stop eating cheese before bed you know....

Moo said...

Wow, you're dreams are really quite vivid! I never remember mine. SA will be fabby, v jealous!!

Pixie said...

Course anxiety dreams are normal!
It's you that's doing something abnormal , that is outside of your normal comfort zone. Give yourself a break here woman.
Have a really fab hols and take your camera to post pics up.

J.J said...

YP - whaddya mean Giant Centipedes????Eeeek!

Cookie - *makes careful note fo good advice.*

Moo, I don't often remember them bu this one has stuck right with me. It even prompted me to getthe car checked out!

Pixie - last night's dream was about how I got to Heathrow in a hot air balloon...they are getting madder by the night!