Thursday, October 18, 2007

Down in London SE14

to hopefully help Reidski have a good birthday tomorrow.

Right now though, getting a bit drunker and playing music very loud.

Reidski? Well at this moment he is washing up the pots and plates from the dinner he cooked.

No wonder I love him!


cookie monster said...

say happy birthday t the old git for us!!

Gill said...

You love him because he does dishes? Isn't he a serial killer then? ;-)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Just wait till you're married. That's when the dishwashing will cease!
Will he be getting his bus pass this birthday or next?

The Fatalist said...

He washes his own dishes? Why not just buy a dishwasher...well waste of money if he'sgoing to marry you, and then you'll be stuck in the kitchen while he can go down The Den... ;-)

J.J said...

No Cookie - not old- I have to say that though as he is much younger than I am.

Gill, is there a better reason?

YP - I will be way ahead of him in the bus pass stakes.

Fatalist - No, I wouldn't do that to him - I love him too much to give him the time to go to the Den very often. Life is too short for too much misery!