Sunday, October 14, 2007

What's (been) going on?

Well I am just about over the joint birthday disco my daughter had with a friend whose birthday is close to hers.

Last Sunday evening I was invited round to the home of R's rich daddy to discuss arrangements for the party. R is an obscenely spoilt young person. I had agreed in advance to pay half the cost of the disco hire. I was asked round to discuss what food we should get. I said my mum and I would make sausage rolls and cakes. I then said I was skint and did not think that at these things the kids bother about eating. By making such a statement I was ignoring the bleeding obvious which is that R bothers about eating very much. And eats very much. And weighs far too much. I had earlier in that week had the horrendous experience of taking H and R shopping for the matching outfits they had decided they wanted to wear at their party. H is stick thin. R isn't. Trying tactfully to find something that suited them both was, to use a word we social workers resort to when faced with any kind of nightmare situation, 'challenging'. We found something eventually, but within the next three days R's mum brought her not one but two further outfits for the party to add to the one she had bought when out with me. H and R did not in the event wear the same thing, as H was quite happy with what she had bought in the first place.

So back to the food. R was there and set about producing a food list that would last the whole of Northampton should we ever need to take to a nuclear bunker for a 12 year period. I'm thinking "I did make it clear I am broke didn't I?" and also "R's dad isn't stupid enough to buy all that lot is he?" Not sure about the answer to my first question, but the answer to the second one is an unequivocal "Yes he is that stupid." I was absolutely mortified by the truck loads of supplies that arrived, including to add to my annoyance, sausage rolls and cakes - bloody horrible shop bought ones mind but all the same......

R's dad does something to do with window dressing for very posh stores like this one in New York, and so he also provided fabulous decorations for the village hall.

P's dad's new girl friend told me, in between deciding I was her bestest friend in all the world - I had met her that night* - that he had spent over £700 on the party. This made my £50 towards the disco (plus costs of surplus to requirement home made sausage rolls and cakes) seem rather tight fisted.I did however manage to resist the inclination to insist upon paying half his costs. And as I had said in the first place, the kids (except R) were not interested in eating and nearly all of it was left over (although me and my mum's sausage rolls and cakes went...just thought I would mention that ;-) )

So obviously anyway R was bowled over by her father's incredible generosity and kindness. Or rather, no she wasn't and over the course of the evening had at least three tantrums and told him to "fuck off and die" in front of everyone. Such a delightful young lady.

H had a nice time which is all I really care about.

Incidentally, there were plenty of 10 year olds there at the party as well as the 13/14 year old school friends of H and R. How any bastard can profess to think a 10 year old is actually 16 as in this case is just a sick joke. Even the most Britneyish young teenager at the party did not in any way look 16. The increased four year sentence is still a disgrace and an invitation to other paedophiles to rape kids. Back to trivialities......

Reidski and I have recently seen Atonement, and were glad we had both read it first. Actually, I thought the way they got round the twist in the book at the end was very cleverly done. And I want Keira Knightley's green dress! We also saw Michael Clayton which was an edge of the seat thriller, although all around us people were walking out throughout the duration of the entire film - bizarre behaviour, which reduced us to fits of giggles by the time the fourth set of people disappeared. We went to see The Editors play Brixton which was great,and also saw an
Alan Ayckbourn play
which was fun.

And we have both individually this weekend watched lots of sport. Strangely the result over the weekend I was most happy about was this one. Is the man brain washing me I wonder?

* Where did he find her? She is completely and utterly insane and deserving of rather more detailed description another time.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Isn't it time to remove your Smoking Ban Countdown? Failure to do so will result in an official complaint to the Blogging Quality Assurance Committee. One day we might say to our grandchildren... "It's true! People used to smoke in pubs!"

Remember when they smoked on aeroplanes for Chrissake!

Moo said...

Those parents should be shot for bringing up such a spoilt brat. What parent allows their child to speak to them in such a manner. If either me or my siblings spoke to my parents like that, there would be hell to play! Glad your sausage rolls went down well though JJ!

J.J said...

YP - I shoudl do another one for number of days since we became a civilised nation. Tis bliss in pubs these days.

Moo, hear, hear. It was pretty shocking.