Sunday, October 28, 2007

In to Africa

Sadly I am now Out of Africa, but am still on Cloud Nine following what was truly an experience of a life time, or more accurately, a series of experiences of a life time.

We had two little planes out of Johannesburg airport between the 17 of us, and as the other plane touched down first, this is a picture of my arrival in the game reserve where we stayed. Good air port eh?

Any fear I may have experienced on that tiny plane was obliterated by the very pressing distraction of a desperate need for a wee. Therefore upon touching down I was pointed immediately in the direction of the toilet - the nearest thick bush. Under the neighbouring bush lay a warthog.

That is not a picture of the warthog in question, which is currently under going extensive therapy for the trauma sustained by seeing me relieving myself(for which relief much thanks) in such close proximity to itself.

We got into our jeeps then to set off for the lodge where we were staying. Five minutes along the track (we didn't travel on anything resembling a road the whole time we were in South Africa) we met this little beauty.

It was one of the most incredible moments of my life: rounding a bend and suddenly being right beside an enormous elephant. When I was imagining what the safari would be like I thought it would involve, if we were lucky, sightings of animals away on the horizon. I was wrong. And I am ruined for Woburn Safari Park for life.

More, much more, to come on my past week. You may wish to avoid this place for a while.


cookie monster said...

It's amazing. You got 2 photos of Denise!

al joking aside, i can't waitto hear more about South Africa. I'll go and listen to that Spitting image song now in anticipation

Yorkshire Pudding said...

My God! I wish I had been that warthog lounging under my tree. What a beautiful sight to wake up to. My tusks would have been throbbing with delight and after that I would never be able to look at a lady warthog in quite the same way.
Glad your RSA experience was a knockout! Smashing!

The Fatalist said...

People must be mad to 'avoid this space'! Personally I can't wait to read up your trip. Just hope you managed to fit in a visit or two to a football ground to make it a proper one...

JoeinVegas said...

Warthogs and elephants and Yorkshire Pudding having a dream, oh.

J.J said...

You don't care for Denise too much do you Cookie?

YP - I am blushing!

Fatalist - the only thing missing from the reserve was a good football stadium! They are all getting very excited about the 2010 World Cup though.

Joe - it is all happening here isn't it?