Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's 5 past 11.

I suppose I really should get out of bed!


Pixie said...

It's now 8.59, have you succeeded yet???
Lazy starts are such a guilty luxury at a certain age, unless of course your with the man of your dreams then they are uterly essential!!!

Chopski said...

It's monday already so hope you're up now!!

JoeinVegas said...

It was Sunday. I hope you just pulled the covers over your head and went back to dreaming.

J.J said...

Pixie - it was lovely having a long lazy lie in - blogging in bed too!

Hi Chopski - welcome! I just about made it in time for work yesterday morning.

Joe - I was very tempted, but long over due house hold chores could not be ignored any longer.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Five past eleven! Well done! Usually it is only the young who can lie a-bed till noon. Lying in becomes a distant memory for some of us but it is a real tonic in our hectic lives - especially if there's a nubile young lady next to you... or failing that a mature Scottish professional gentleman of comfortable means.