Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stressful house moving day

Reidski was moving yesterday. He is going from a fully furnished place to a place described as 'partially furnished' which turned out to mean that it contained four pieces of furniture - three of which have got to go. The wardrobe in particular was so knackered and hideous that the question arose as to whether the landlord actually wanted anyone to rent the place. The mountain of junk mail just inside the door did indeed tend to suggest that people had not been queuing up. However, in many ways the flat will be ideal for Reidski on a long term basis and following negotiations - eg ditch the vile furnmiture, paint the place, and replace the carpets - the deal was done. I went down to help him move, armed with bleach, oven cleaner and Cillit Bang.

Only snag was, as he told me as soon as I arrived on Monday evening- he wasn't moving yesterday. The carpets weren't done yet. So that was devastating. I was denied a day's heavy duty moving all his worldly goods and cleaning. Instead I was forced to spend a day in very sunny Greenwich, and to endure a pub lunch sitting outside this pub by the river (Spunky's local as I happen to know. Where were you yesterday lunchtime Spunks?.) It was hell.

The day wasn't all wasted though - I did assist him with the purchase of a cheese grater.


JoeinVegas said...

Sorry that you had to suffer through such a horrid day.
But thanks for the CB advert - I think if that one was on TV it would produce more sales than the original.

Gill said...

My friend, who is in her forties, recently bought a cheese grater and was asked by the girl on the till if she was over 18. Are teenage gangs grating people to death now?

J.J said...

Oh Joe - it was such an ordeal ;-)

Gill, an interesting concept. "I've got a cheese grater and I'm not afraid to use it."

I bet your friend was made upto be asked that though!

Gill said...

She was!!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Hee. Greenwich is SUCH hard work to visit on a sunny day!

J.J said...

Lisa, I tried very hard to grin and bear it - and do you know? I think I just about managed to!

Nat said...

That advert was brilliant. Why wouldn't they relase that instead?

The one in Aus just keeps cutting to bored australian housewives wearing orange washing up gloves?!

I'll be in grenwich next week! Yipeee!

J.J said...

Hey Nat! Great to hear you are back in England for a holiday! Enjoy Greenwich.