Tuesday, May 08, 2007

By the way

What is that nasty taste in my mouth?

Oh! Tis the thought that West Ham will avoid relegation after getting away with playing unregistered players.

Here's another sour thought. How long exactly will Sam Alladyce be spending with his family?

And another - Leeds get away with having their 10 point reduction this season rather than next.

On a more positive note. Like him or loathe him, Alex Ferguson is a truly incredible manager. The way he has yet again built a championship winning side is amazing, and the way they have won it this time with such beautiful attacking football has been a pleasure to watch.

No rose coloured glasses here.

At least I don't think so.

But most importantly the mighty Cobblers finished a quite respectable 14th in League One.Play-offs next season??? (Stranger things have happened!)


Martin said...

Not to mention Boston.Going into admin during the last game so as to lose the points this season.Farce!

Reidski said...

JJ, you know I'm a major ManU hater, but I have to agree with you on their deserved winning the title. If there was ever a choice to be made between watching them and watching any other side in the Premiership, then the decision was rather easy.
As for Leeds and Boston? Wankers!

JoeinVegas said...

I saw the news story on ticket prices - what are you guys paying up there to see all of these games? Wow!

J.J said...

Martin - a good friend of mine had the misfortune to work at Boston. Bunch of crooks according to her.

Reidski, certainly more exciting than Bolton v Blackburn.

Joe - oh god - that is such a scandal over here. The powers that be will kill off football as a spectator sport as we will all end up being priced out of the game.

Martin said...

Joe,we're not all daft enough to pay those prices.I get to see over 25 games for £160.My club have held the price of season tickets for the third year running.

marc said...

>>The powers that be will kill off football as a spectator sport as we will all end up being priced out of the game.

That's why I've become a Millwall supporter -- gotta love those ticket prices. With my luck, some wealthy investor will throw a ton of money at them, they'll get back into the premiership & it'll be all over!

J.J said...

Martin, I reckon I would save money travelling to see your lot each home game even with the petrol costs. Room for another supporter by any chance?

Marc, no worries mate! Millwall? Premiership?
*Falls off stool laughing!*

colu barmaid said...

Found your blog while searching 'Louis saha + asthma' (don't ask), and ended up wasting loads of work time reading it (so time well spent). As a Colchester United supporter who used to like Sixfields (although not enough to want to be anywhere than the Championship) I found it ereally entertaining - lots of stuff I can identify with!
Enjoy Leeds next season (Leeds AND Southend going down, can it get any better? Oh yes, finishing above Ipswich and Norwich :-)