Saturday, May 12, 2007

Moving on to really important current affairs

I like to keep abreast (no pun intended) of the difficulties our poor celebrities suffer so I was moved by the front page of More magazine and the very distraught looking Danielle Lloyd alongside the by line 'My week of hell'. Number one in the list of disasters that have befallen our tragic heroine in the week of hell in question is 'Boob Job Trauma.' Well reading that certainly made me feel grateful for my little lot in life.

It must be so tough fighting an unceasing battle ever since being exposed as a racist in Celebrity Big Brother to show the British public that one is a real person with real problems deserving of constant media exposure. I feel so sorry for her.


Paul Champagne said...

Makes me want to rush right over and comfort her (them).

Spunky Trunks said...

She's not a racist, just ingnorant.

oh wait a minute....

I think she's just to dim to be on telly. People like her used to be sent down t'pit to pull carriages.

I am dismayed Moldova didn't win.

J.J said...

Paul - I always wonder this - do they feel 'normal' or would it be like fondling a rubber doll?

Spunky, it depresses me that people like her still manage to manipulate the media and obtain cover stories. Hey! Now she has really made it...she's been on 'Life is All Cobblers blogspot!' (ha bloody ha).
Sorry about Moldova.