Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A dilemma avoided

Thanks to this result tonight from Milan.

My middle son is a Liverpool fan. We had our most intense bonding session ever watching the
the 2005 Final. We sat holding hands for most of that amazing come back afraid to let go of each other in case that broke the spell and brought doom to Liverpool. Breast feeding had nothing on that!

I feared he would never speak to me again if I cheered for United against them in another Champions League Final. I would have tried not to but things have a habit of going wrong for me in such situations. ('Come on Luton' springs unwanted to my mind.)

So anyway, no worries now following that lack lustre performance from United.



Steve said...

I can't believe just how shockingly bad UTD were this evening. And as for Ronaldo.........

The weirdest bit of commentary tonight was at about 89 mins. Something like "fate has decided that Manchester United will not reach the Champions League final this year".

Yeah. Fate. Right........

cookie monster said...

im osrry jane but i was rooting for uited to get through so they could beat liverpool. its a strange feeling to root for the red scum i know but theyve been utterly spellbinding this season and if Chelsea werent going to get through then i wanted Utd to win.

but suck is football eh? youll all have to wait till Gilingham win it eh?

Martin said...

I got to thr pub for the last 10 minutes and heard the same bit of commentary as Steve.I tried not to piss myself laughing.

Apparently Fergie blames the premier league for not supporting English clubs in Europe.Ermm...3 semi-finalists? Does he mean they didn't do enough for Arsenal?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I rather think it will be Scouse Milanese for tea after the final whistle. Those Eyeties looked really special against United.

J.J said...

Steves and Martin - commentators come out with rubbish like that, and then I read my local football forum with reams of complaints that Match of the Day now have a - shock horror - woman!!! to commentate on games. They are right in a way - it's not fair on her - how could she possibly be expected to match such a comment for sheer stupidity??? It was very funny though :-)

Cookie, Man Utd have played beautiful football at times this season.

YP - Milan looked amazing. I can't really see Liverpool beating them much as I would love them to.