Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A piece of good fortune

Early last week my daughter asked me if we could go for a meal at the weekend - just the two of us. I thought that was really sweet and agreed that we could. She seemed to be excited about it. She kept asking me things like 'What was I going to wear?'and asking me if I was excited about our night out. Correct answer - "Of course I am darling!"

Anyway, on the day itself she couldn't make up her mind which, out of a fairly large selection of Italian restaurants, she would most like to go to. This was a discussion which went on over what felt like many hours but eventually a decision was reached. She and I would go to our local 'Ask'.

On our way into town we passed a park where there was a circus. H asked me if she had ever been to a circus. I said that she had but she was very little - 2 or 3 at the most. She thought she vaguely remembered.

We were early - it was only about quarter to 7 when we got to Ask but it was very busy. I was just saying to H that maybe we would have to go somewhere else, but the manager said they had a table for us and sat us down. I said to H that most of the people there were probably eating before they went to the theatre and that it would soon empty out a bit. Then the couple we were sitting next to us asked us if we were going to the theatre. I said we weren't and then they asked us if we would like to go. I was completely thrown by the question.

For one thing I didn't even know what was on. For another I think my initial thought was that they wanted to sell their tickets and I was mentally working out how I could most politely decline, but that wasn't it at all. It quickly transpired that in fact she had some complimentary tickets and was offering H and I them. The only problem being as they told us, was that the show started at 7.30.

NEVER has a meal in a restaurant been consumed at such speed. After looking forward to it so much H was unable to get out the place fast enough. But it has to be said that we saw the kind of show for which the term 'jaw dropping' was invented. And strangely in light of our conversation had whilst passing the park on the way into town - we saw a circus. And totally amazing it was too.

I had a lovely night out with my beautiful thirteen year old daughter.

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