Thursday, May 10, 2007

A joke

as told by Reidski.

Q. Where will you find a one legged dog?

A. Where you left him.

Talking of dogs, Reidski is at a leaving do tonight. In the speeches the guy who was leaving was described as being unfailing charming to callers, in direct contrast apparently to "That Rottweiler Reidski" who when a caller is being stupid is informed somewhat bluntly by Reidski that he/she is indeed being extremely stupid.

I find that so hard to believe! I prefer to think he politely suggests they may be 'mistaken in their assumptions.'

Most mysterious.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Post below:-
Whoaa! I am impressed you kissed Tony Blair! I think, Iraq apart, our country will look back on the Blair years as being some of the best we have ever known. It is easy to slag people off but Tony has genuinely been a great Primeminister - such a breath of fresh air after those morbid years under the Tory clouds. Where did you kiss Cherie by the way? You didn't say. There are lurid rumours abroad about Northampton women!

Arthur Clewley said...

I agree YP, apart from almost continuous wars since he came to power, hundreds of thousands of dead in iraq and countless others injured or forced from their homes, apart from draconian legislation taking away ancient rights, CCTV cameras on every street corner and police who happily empty the magazine of their gun into the head of innocent train passengers at point blank range, apart from a widing north-south economic divide and the real prospect of the break up of the United KIngdon, apart from the worst terrorist attacks in the UK at Omagh and London, apart from government policies and offices being sold to the highest bidder, apart from a culture of lies and spin which has left politics held in contempt by the people, what is there to complain about? ten more years, that's what I say!

rilly super said...

crikey, not sure if I haven't stumbled into 'bloggers for labour' here by mistake but anyway, thanks for the link JJ and for dropping by yesterday. Terribly sorry about the 'voluminous dress' thing, I try so hard to avoid sterotypes, sigh. Do hope to see you again dear.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Dear Mr Clewley,
In the real world shit happens. No matter what you say I know that I will look back on the Blair years as a time of progress and prosperity for our great nation.
Mr Pudding.

J.J said...

YP - see News of the World this Sunday for the 'True story of my lesbian kiss with Cherie Blair.' No smoke without fire re those rumours.

Arthur, do I take it you aren't a fan then? He's a bit of a tart too - told me my kiss had made his day. I bet he says that to all the girls!

Rilly, no danger there - I am far too shallow to talk politics here! And thank you for the link too. I hate stereotypes myself. Just because I wear sandals, don't shave my armpits and buy the Guardian people are always assuming I am a social worker...errh, which of course I am.

YP - I am with you on this mate.

Arthur Clewley said...

650,000 people killed for nothing only merits a 'shit happens'? I suppose it takes a labour supporter to really sum up what that party is all about, that a human life is worthless compared to getting their policies through