Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Compare and contrast

This crime story from Japan with with some of these being discussed on the Radio phone in as I type.For example a bloke arrested for being in possession of an egg with intent to throw."I've got an egg and I'm not afraid to use it."

I've never been arrested, but I was once questioned about a Turkish Delight Chocolate Bar. It was a bit odd. A policeman asked to examine my bar of Turkish Delight. He opened it. He broke into it and sniffed it. Then he gave me it back. It transpired that he had watched me trying to give the thing away and that was 'suspicious'. He obviously thought there were drugs contained within my bar of Turkish Delight. The truth was much less interesting. I did not like Turkish Delight. I did not want the Turkish Delight. My friend who I offered it to did not like Turkish Delight either. And no bugger wanted it once the policeman's paws had been all over it.

What about that story from Japan though? Just an ordinary routine day in the life of a provincial police station when sone kid walks in with his mother's head in a sports bag???? Talk about "You'll never guess what happened to me at work today?"

Talking of guessing....prize for the first person* to correctly guess why I will be having dinner with Mark Steel on Friday night.

* this competition is not open to any person with inside knowledge - that means you Reidski.


John said...

Because you're on the Central Committee of the SWP (and which is why Reidski really loves you. It makes him feel all dirty).

Messalina said...

Because somebody gave you the invitation in a restaurant in Northampton? Peter will be envious - he reads Steel's books and laughs out loud at them and rather irritatingly insists on reading bits out to me. I remain impassive.

Dandelion said...

Dear j.j. I have tagged you. I hope you don't mind.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

John: you really have a knack for saying the word dirty in such a dirty way!

Like Reidski and JJ aren't dirty enough without your innuendo...


Enjoy the meal JJ I have no idea why you would get to a meal with him but I hope you have a good time.

Arthur Clewley said...

has he offered to get you on the News Quiz, because you have a bit of a thing for Sandi Toksvig, if you buy him dinner?

Are you going to try out your new 'JJ lectures' on him?

or has he just heard you had a turkish delight going begging?

JoeinVegas said...

I guess they will have to add turkish delight to the list, along with the eggs and cucumber slices.
Always figured you for the criminal type.

J.J said...

John should I ever attempt to defend the SWP I am fairly sure it would really get Reidski going - though not in the way I might wish!

Hi Messalina - obviously that is my normal way of getting to do anything, but not this time.

Dandelion, course I don't mind.

Lisa - blushing! - and thank you; I'm sure it will be a great night.

Arthur, ummm, Sandi Toksvig - she's LOVELY she is! But no, that's not it either.

Joe, I am not at all to be trusted, especially not when in possession of a chocolate bar.

Reidski said...

Have I ever mentioned to you what I think of Trotskyists, JJ?

J.J said...

Once or twice babe!