Sunday, April 29, 2007

Look where I will be going next season

But I am a little worried Elland Road won't fit in the hordes of Cobbler fans who simply can not wait to play Leeds United :-)

Now all I need for my football season to be complete is for there to be some justice for West Ham by which I mean relegation. All Quiet in the East Stand says everything I would want to say on this subject...see post headed Cheats not Hammered.

(And Man U for the Premiership, FA Cup and European Cup wouldn't go down too badly either - sorry Steve!)

P.S. On West Ham another excellent article for anyone as incensed as I am by the decision made regarding the 'irregularities' surrounding that club.


Steve said...

I really couldn't care less which of the "Brands" win the Premiership, FA Cup, Champion's League (or 4th place cup as I prefer to call it). It's a cash driven bore-a-thon of the highest order.

Leeds United's predicament has cheered me no end though. It's not that long ago we were down there. It'll be a bloodfest if Oldham don't get promoted though. Oldham v Leeds doesn't bear thinking about.

Anyway my newly adopted club Droylsden FC have been crowned champions of the Conference North and will be playing proper conference footy next season. I'll still root for City but I think I'll put my money into a club that doesn't try to suck me dry at every opportunity.

JoeinVegas said...

So, are you switching allegiances, or just plan on having our team play them often?
Do I have to get a new hat?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

What have the Championship and a cordless screwdriver got in common?

Neither of thenmm have leads!
(or Leeds!) Geddit!

Ho! Ho! We're staying up! They're not!

Martin said...

Do you want to know about points deductions? 18 last season.Because Accrington Stanley (offenders again this season!!) didn't do the correct paperwork.And everyone witters on about Bury and AFC Wimbledon, they should have a look at Alty's case, then they'd know what a farce the W.ham decision is.

Do I sound angry? Might be the relegation blues (and promoted Blues) setting in.

Martin said...

And Steve,Droylsden are wankers.

Shooting Parrots said...

Thanks for the ManU prediction. I've been thinking the same thing, a sure jinx. Ferdinand and Vidic back? But why do I think Scholes won't be there to face Liverpuddle?

Steve, good on ya for surrpoting Droylsden FC, a true east of Manchester team.

But I do feel for the Sky Blues. They deserve better and the derbies are all the better for it. I might regret that come the weekend.

Back to West Ham though, what a joke of a penalty. And as for Leeds, if the points deduction is applied this season and not next, well that's Morecambe and Wise versus Mike and Bernie Winters.

J.J said...

Steve, I start to hate the Premiership more and more - loads of speculation about yet more foreign billionaires coming in and buying success - it just means the death of real competition. At elast when you support a lower level side you do feel a connection with them.

Joe, oh dear no! I will only be going to Leeds as an away fan and to enjoy the experience of watching them slum it in our league.

YP - big grin and Well Done to Hull City.

Martin, I thought of you and yours when I heard the West Ham 'verdict'. It was so unfair on you, and the West Ham result is so unfair on every other side in the country.

SP, good luck to Man Utd tonight.What is this about Scholes though?
Surely Leeds couldn't get away with apoints deduction this season? Hang on - in the light of the West Ham decsion I guess they could. How depressing.