Saturday, May 12, 2007

Important question

Well, it was to the lad aged about 8 on my train back from London last night.

There was a family on this very busy train and I think they had probably been to the Natural History Museum as the two boys were both waving their toy dinosaurs around. Middle Class Dad (with beard) was attempting to engage the enthusiasm of his sons by telling them all about dinosaurs.

Middle Class Dad: "Dinosaurs laid eggs."

Son aged about 8: "What were their bums like?"

Middle Class Dad ignoring pertinent question from his off spring:"Not all dinosaurs were meat eaters."

Son aged about 8: "What were their bums like?"

Middle Class Dad still attempting to ignore pertinent question from his off spring: "Crocodiles are believed to be the closest living animals to the dinosaurs."

Son aged about 8:"Yes, but WHAT WERE THEIR BUMS LIKE?"

Middle Class Dad now no longer able to ignore the pertinent question from his off spring, or the fact that all the other passengers were creased up laughing by this time: "Quite big I would imagine."

P.S. I was on my way back from visiting Reidski at his new place - yes, he has finally managed to move. What a bloody saga that was. I used to feel some sympathy for estate agents what with them making traffic wardens look popular, but all of that sympathy has evaporated in light of his experiences over the past few weeks. Tossers each and every one of them. (Except for the nice scrupulous ones of course...all two of them.)


McManus said...

Never mind that. What's his bum like?

J.J said...

You want to know about Reidski's bum??

It's bloody lovely!