Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I got a bouquet of flowers from someone I have never met and who I am never likely to meet because she lives in Australia.

She e-mailed me. Many years ago she gave up a son for adoption. Now aged 70 and afraid if she didn't try to find him it would soon be too late, she really wanted to know something - anything - about him. Because of what I do for a living I was able to find out what his adopted name was. I wrote to 6 people around the country who shared that name and I found the person she was seeking. Yesterday he rang his birth mother and they talked for two hours.

She is really happy. He is really happy. And I have a wonderful job.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Great story. It really is nice to be nice. Well done for going that extra mile - to make that old lady's dream come true.

Laura said...

Doesn't life feel great if you're able to make someone that happy?

Great of you to go that extra mile!

Babs said...


J.J said...

YP and Laura - just wish I had been able to pursuade my employers I needed to go that extra mile or 10,000 to go out and counsel her in order to do my job thoroughly first!

Babs- and brilliant teeth babe!

Prada Pixie said...

What a lovely thing to be able to do for both of them. And how good it must feel to have done your bit to make it happen.

J.J said...

I am lucky Prada Pixie to have a job where such things can happen.