Saturday, May 26, 2007


Does it take Orange broadband up to 15 working days to provide Reidski with the internet service he had at his last place. He has the exact same phone number, the exact same broadband equipment, but it will take that long. I don't get it.

Anyway, he might be a bit quiet blog wise till it gets sorted out but he says he is missing you all already.

Also on the subject of Why? I still don't understand why David Beckham is off to play in the States. Well, yes, I do understand he will earn shed loads of money, but surely there is a limit to how much money anyone can spend, even if they are married to a person like the person he is married to. To me, he either wants to make proper use of his footballing skills or he does not. Yet here he is saying how much he wants a recall to the England team. To play for England does he not need to be playing top level football on a regular basis? Can he honestly expect to put in decent performances for England if he is popping back from the West Coast of the US to play? Or do superstars not suffer from jet lag like lesser mortals?

Now I'm off on one.

I hate seeing talented players opt to go and sit on the bench for sides like Chelsea rather than get out and play for some other side, albeit at a slightly lower wage. That is one reason why I am so glad to see Gareth Bale has chosen to go to Spurs rather than Man Utd or Arsenal. He's only 17, and he could have taken the money back in January but he wanted to stay and try and help Southampton get in the Premiership. I hope his career blossoms. Likewise players like Simon Cox and Alex Pearce, both of whom came to us on loan from Premiership Reading and played their hearts out every game - none of this "I am far too talented for this lowly arena" bollocks from them.

Do players who reach the level of Beckham remember what it feels like to play football for the sheer joy of it? Reidski lives for Wednesday evenings when he gets to play 5 a side with a few mates. Him and so many blokes like him for whom the chance of a professional footballing career will only ever be a pipe dream whilst David Beckham goes to swan around in LA. I ask again - Why?

(You are only saved from a prolonged rant by the need for me to get my arse along to my gym class.)


Gert said...

On David Beckham, I think he is a laid back easy going bloke completely dominated by his wife. She has some airhead friends from 'Ertfordshire who have blokes who go and play football for their pub teams, and it annoys them, because it makes bloke unavailable to do whatever it is the stupid do on Sundays. So Airhead Spice thinks that her bloke's football is just like that, a silly childish hobby that gets in the way of Real Life Important Things like shopping.

But she knows that Los Angeles is the centre of the universe and has bullied him into moving there.

As for jet lag, well, it's a lot easier to sleep in 1st class. LAX-LHR is a good night's sleep. But not for us peasants in DVT Class

Steve said...

So I guess Steve Sidwell's not top of admiration list then. It must be good money to warm a bench at Chelski rather than play every week.

David said...

The one thing that spoils football for me, actually there are several, not least I don't get to see much of it in New Zealand.

However I look back at Blighty and wonder why the FA do not introduce a salary cap for all football players. Surly this would spread the skill base throughout the teams and make for a more interesting league.

You will still get the super stars with the mega endorsment deals but I also beleive more teams will benifit.

J.J said...

Did you catchany of teh interview with him on Radio 5 yesterday GErt when he was talking to Spoonie? He went out of his way to say Victoria was the one who was careful with money, and that what ever he decided to do career wise she left entirely to him etc etc - and I was just left thinking 'He doth protest too much!'

Steve - I think he is a complete idiot.He should think back to what it was like being a youngster at Arsenal and unable to get into the first team there. But maybe it really is all about the money - depressing.

Hi David and thanks for commenting here. I honestly think without a salary cap all meaningful competition will disappear (if it hasn't already) with a handfull of sides being able to buy talented pleyers, not because they need them, but just to ensure they don't help other sides succeed.

cookie monster said...

of course, the pinnacle of a players career is to play for the migthy Gills isnt it?

J.J said...

Not according to Danny Jackman Cookie - erh, is he any good mate?

cookie monster said...

our goals against column should tell you all you need to know! he wasnt the worst by any means but at best he was anonymous in a bad bunch. he does get the odd goal but then hell screw things up as well. inconsistent is a good word for him

now, if he turns out to be briliant im going to look like a tool