Sunday, June 04, 2006

World Cup Fever

Reidski bought me an England mug 'Pride, Passion, Belief' it says. I was very touched and I have made him swear he won't smash it when we win the World Cup Final on July 9th. ( I have Pride, Passion and Belief you see.)

anyway, this made me realise how remiss I had been in not buying some World Cup merchandise for my blogging mates so I have done a little internet shopping.

For Jim I thought maybe

a nodding dog?

Kev might appreciate this tasteful hat, although I notice he has buggered off to a forest in France for some strange reason (He might miss England's moment of glory... what a personal tragedy that would be for him.)

And what special something for the man in my life? Well, I thought this might be nice, and would also have a practical use. It could save his life when I hit him over the head for laughing if we get beaten by Trinidad and Tobago. (yes, I'm afraid it does actually claim to be a German war helmet...oh dear.)


Jim said...

Is that a nodding dog or John Prescott?

Reidski said...

A Gerryie helmet - what I've always wanted!
The mug won't be smashed cos there'll be no need to do so.
And I won't notice you hitting me over the head, I'll be laughing so much!

Cliff said...

The german helmet is a stroke of genius, wear it on your head or drink beer from it practicality combined with a discrete way to blend seamlessly in the host nation and show respect for the local culture. What else could one wear to watch England play the world cup final in the Berlin Olympic stadium. I'm off to get one now and remake Triumph of the Will on my mobile phone. England uber alles as they say in germany

Paul said...

Go USA !! :)

Moo said...

That helmet is genious and is hilarious!! reidski needs to make sure he wears it with pride!!

JoeinVegas said...

I love that hat - hmm, maybe another one for my collection.

J.J said...

Umm, I see where you are coming from with that Jim.

Reidski, you will laugh at your peril.

Cliff- total respect for the local culture indeed.

Hi Paul! I see you have banged your colours to the mast there.

Moo, I think it will suit him very well. have truely great taste in hats as anyone who saw the pic of you in the Cobblers one will know!