Friday, June 16, 2006

Concern over a certain foot

Wouldn't you just know it?

Just before a major tournament an injury is sustained by a competitor universally declared as vital to the team effort.

I am of course refering to the Inter Schools Rythmic Gymnastics Competition to be held on Saturday. My daughter, a hot tip for what ever they call the prancing around artistically with a ball event, stubbed her little toe yesterday. It is now black with bruising, has swollen to twice its usual size, and she can't walk on it. I assume she will be spending today in an oxygen tent to aid speedy recovery.

A nation holds its breath and a mother crosses her fingers.


greavsie said...

Will you be flying independent medical experts over to assess the situation?

cookie monster said...

at least it aint gout!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Will you be arguing with a manager about the speed of her return to match playing and match fitness?

J.J said...

Greavsie, flying independent medical experts AND flying writs if she gets played too soon to risk her fitness.

Lisa, me and her manager are communicating via the tabloids.

And Cookie, yes, phew!

the lorider said...

no sweat, gymnasts are tough! I remember breaking my wrist the morning of my first competition and participating anyway. ah, the good old days.... tell the nipper to:
a) rub some dirt in it, or
b) walk it off....

she'll be fine! (although you're never really the same after the tabloids get to you, are you?....)

Gert said...

My 7 year old niece broke a toe.

On Christmas Day.

She walked into her brother (10). Guess where niece (and sister) spent two hours on Xmas Day.

Fortunately it had healed by the time of the ballet exam.

Sparkle said...

Hi Sparkle here Nat's Mum I have to confess I made Natalie dance in a modern dance competition with a broken toe. I didn't know when she had spun around in the dressing room practicing and stubbed her toe on the table leg that she had broken her toe did I? It was only the next day when her foot had ballooned up twice its size I realised I had told her you have only stubbed your toe get on there and sock it to them. Poor thing she was in agony. How horrible a mum am I? She still loves me though so I can't have been all bad can I?

J.J said...

Lorider...ouch..please don't tell me you had to do handstands and stuff?

Gert, there can not possibly be a worse day for a 7 year old to break her toe..your sister must have been so fed up!

Hiya Sparkle! Well, we have to toughen these kids of ours up somehow don't we! (And we all know how much she loves you. Your Nat is a great girl.)

the lorider said...

hi jj: yeah, I did flips too, but they were well-executed because I didn't want to put any weight on it. btw, mine didn't swell up either, which is why my mom encouraged me to go on. sparkle, she still loves you, she'll just use this to guilt trip you for about, oh, 15 years... ;)

Nat said...

Did she make the competition then? send her my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I remember my dancing teacher telling me to act like a professional and get on there!

How does a nine year old act like a professional?

Nat said...

and yep, I still love you Sparkle!

J.J said...

Lorider...double ouch!!!

Nat, she made it, did very well and came back happy and with her limp forgotten. I don't think she was told to act like a profesional though!