Wednesday, June 14, 2006


to anyone who is supporting Poland in the World Cup. It is entirely my fault that the reasonably well fancied Polish team have played 2 lost 2. They were doomed from the very moment my name was drawn against theirs in our office sweepstake.

The fact that this is the first major tournament for years that Reidski has not put any money on Spain probably goes a long way towards explaining their storming performance today too.


Gert said...

I usually get Spain. This year we didn't do a sweepstake because of the "I always get a crap team" syndrome. Wish I could have seen the Spain game. Shoulda watched the highlights, I suppose. Too late.

Hey the CATCHPA is jjyoc

crisiswhatcrisis said...

I've had a sneaky fiver on perennial under-achievers Spain every World and Euro Cup since I can remember. Except this time, obviously.


BondBloke said...

I would never blame you for Poland losing 2 out of 2 - if they decided to play positive footbal for a change they might, just might, win something; in the last two matches they have, IMHO, played negative football and suffered for it!

JoeinVegas said...

Main reason I don't gamble, all of my bets should be for 'the team that will lose', as that's what I usually get.

Ally said...

I will pass your apologies on to our distraught Polish Lodger. Here from Greavsie :).

J.J said...

Commiserations Gert and Crisis on the lack of a Spain wager.

Bond I detect some footballing enthusiasm???? YES!!!

Joe, you are a wise man.

Hi Ally and welcome. Yes, please tell her/him how genuinely sorry I am....I wasted a fiver!

BondBloke said...

I'm getting there JJ, very slowly, but getting there - WTF is happeing to me it must be being around BW too much!