Friday, June 30, 2006


Well for the next four days it will be via e-mail, text and phone calls that Reidski and I communicate, rat stories and all. He came to see me last night. I hestitate to write about when I see him because it would all be pretty repetitive stuff about what a great time we had, but the truth is we always have such a good time together. I have never got on with anyone as easily as I get on with him.

I KNEW I really liked him because of what he wrote on his blog, but there are many others who I read and who I know I really like. There was just something different about the way he made me feel. I remember when the bombs went off on July 7th last year instantly being afraid for him. I had a vague idea that he worked in the Kings Cross area, but although I have many friends in London he was the first person who came into my head, and at that point I had never met him. I would also fret a bit if he didn't blog for a while. I would wonder if I dared to e-mail him and ask him if he was OK, but I didn't as he would turn up again before I had plucked up the courage with some comment about having been too idle to blog.

Anyway, last December I wrote about having had two trips down to London and he made a comment to say he wasn't speaking to me anymore because I had been to London twice but hadn't been to see him. So I was very brave and e-mailed him to say 'Next time'. And that was how I came to sustain the worst hangover of my entire life. But he was well worth it.

But to get to the point of all this reflection. I never used to feel lonely before I met him. Now I won't be with him again until Tuesday I feel really quite horribly alone.


Moo said...

Such a lovely post with a sad ending, cheer up J, he'll be back before you even know it!!

Gert said...

That's a strange one that loneliness one. I used to be a self-reliant single, perfectly satisfied with my own company. I am still satisfied with my own company if Jimmy is working, or sleeping, or doing bloke stuff down the pub. But if we've rowed, or I've had to go away for work, I miss him with an ache.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Are all Cobblers supporters that soppy? From the outside it seems to me that you two are destined to be together so go for it! Be brave! Plunge in! You only get one life.

cookie monster said...

reading between the lines here i get the sneaking suspicion you and reidski are an item? cor, im good with the intuition eh?

Universal Soldier said...

Ah well abscence makes the heart grow fonder and all that- but seriously me and Mrs Soldier spending time apart (too frequently to be honest) does keep our relationship fresh - even after 8 years.

J.J said...

Thanks Moo, I guess so.

It is strange isn't it Gert. I am surrounded by people all the time too so how on earth do I feel lonely?

Y.P. No of course we aren't soppy. Hard as nails us mate!
And I think we are destined to be together too...don't tell him that though as it will scare him away!

Cookie, nothing gets past you does it mate;-)

US, it must be really difficult for you both but it is always obvious from what you both write that your relationship is very strong.